HERE'S an idea that might make art galleries and artists around the world very nervous.

Love a piece of art, just take it.

Swedish furniture giant IKEA believes art is way too expensive for most Aussies.

So they launched the Removable Art Gallery to promote IKEA Art Event 2017 in Australian stores in June.

At the Sydney event, lucky Aussies were able to select their favourite piece from the exhibition and just take it.

It comes as research shows that one in three Australians believe art is unaffordable.

Most believe a piece of art by a recognised artist would cost $1000 or more.

But if you're hoping you can walk up to any piece of art in an art gallery or IKEA and just take it, think again.

IKEA says it was a 'once only immersive art experience at the Art Gallery of New South Wales'.

IKEA's Removable Art Exhibition.
IKEA's Removable Art Exhibition.

The exhibition featured 12 posters featuring the fine art of hand drawing from a carefully curated selection of internationally recognised and up-and-coming artists.

Mark Mitchinson, IKEA Australia spokesperson says the upcoming art event is designed to make great and unique art accessible to everyone.

"We understand that Australians have strong perceptions on the affordability of art. We also know that 91% of Aussies believe that art shouldn't only be found in galleries or museums, that they feel it also belongs in the home.

"We agree."


ART EVENT 2017 was inspired by hand drawing as an art form, particularly in a world driven by speedy technology and development.

The collection consists of 12 carefully curated pieces from a range of established and up-and-coming artists from around the world.

The style of the collection is highly eclectic and diverse with the artists using everything from graphite, pen and ink, crayon, charcoal, watercolour, gouache and pastel.

The collection of posters are not only varied in the techniques used but also in the individual expressions and stories they communicate.

Some reflect cultural experiences and social topics, while others simply aim to make the viewer smile. Henrik Most, Creative Leader for the event said, "The drawings are full of sensuality and tactility, almost leaving the fingerprint of the artist right there on the surface of the paper".

The unframed posters,are $15 each and are available in IKEA Australia stores from June 19.