IGS footballers in Russian roulette title situation

IPSWICH Grammar School's First XI football team travelled to Toowoomba Grammar School last Saturday with hopes of sealing the Great Public Schools premiership.

Unfortunately for the Ipswich team, no country hospitality was found at the top of the range.

Toowoomba emerged victorious 3-2 at the end of a rugged game. The home team put themselves into a prime position to win the title with one round left.

Ipswich must rely on The Southport School to defeat Toowoomba at Southport on Friday, and to win or draw themselves against Nudgee College, to leapfrog Toowoomba or share the season's spoils.

"An ordinary half of football has put us in a Russian roulette situation," Ipswich coach Jamie Morgan said.

"We let ourselves slip behind on the scoreboard before we got our heads in the game."

Toowoomba fielded a side of tall, strong footballers as well as some fast and skilful wide attackers. Early in the game they exploited their size advantage with several physical challenges and quick counter attacks.

"Their weight of possession equalled more shots on goal,'' Morgan said.

One of those shots was a point scorer that came at the end of strong defensive work from Toowoomba to win possession. They were then able to string some sharp passes together to open their striker up for their opportunity.

"We conceded just before halftime and then just after,'' Morgan said.

"At that point I had to shift our focus to attack and made some adjustments to our structure. Injuries also meant I also had to make some substitutions that favoured strengthening our attack but robbing our defence."

It was a delicate balancing act but Ipswich began to produce opportunities and had several promising raids on the Toowoomba goal. Eventually Oliver Bond's timing and accuracy paid dividends and Ipswich was back in the contest.

Toowoomba countered again and established a 3-1 lead.

IGS kept forging forward and TGS were being stretched.

A penalty was given against TGS and Ipswich captain Tommy Jarrard successfully took the kick to keep IGS hopes alive.

The clock would wind down however before Ipswich could score the equaliser.

The result makes the match-up against Nudgee more than academic.

Ipswich must salvage some points and hope for the game at the coast to go their way.