Brothers coach Dean Daylight (left) seen here with Tyron Day.
Brothers coach Dean Daylight (left) seen here with Tyron Day. David Nielsen

Embattled coach says Brothers can break losing streak

IF BROTHERS are feeling the pressure after five straight losses, coach Dean Daylight is not showing it.

The Brethren are in danger of slipping from the top five if they don't start winning soon.

But this weekend's trip to premiers Norths presents the toughest of challenges for a team in form, as West End showed last week, let alone one low on confidence.

Daylight has been around long enough to have seen it all.

As a bloke who has fought off cancer, it is not surprising he isn't letting his team's current plight get him down.

He also knows that with four rounds remaining Brothers only have to win two games to ensure they play finals, then anything can happen.

"We just keep on going about our business and doing what we're doing," Daylight said.

"In recent weeks we've been 10 to 15 minutes away from a win.

"So we need to just keep building.

"A win will come sooner or later."

It is hard to see it happening this week however.

Brothers led Goodna 12-0 last week and were the dominant team in the first half.

Daylight put their second half fade down to low confidence, so he will need to have pulled a magical rabbit out of his hat during the week to have turned it around.

"Last week against Goodna, the first 40 minutes was our best of the year," the coach said.

"It went pear shaped in the second half.

"We just need to build on that and control what we can control. Our communication stopped.

"I'm not sure if fatigue set in.

"From the sideline it looked like it.

"I think mental issues played a part.

"When you've lost four in a row and the opposition get a roll on and the tide turns, players start to doubt themselves."

Daylight's hands have also been tied in terms of the players he's had available, with a handful leaving the club at the end of last season and a host missing this year through injuries or absence.

It is a long way from previous years, when players queued up to join Brothers from other clubs in the near certain belief they would win a premiership if they did.

"I'm still excited about our whole prospects," Daylight said.

"We've used 36 players this season and had 10 A grade debutants.

"Times have changed.

"We're putting our best foot forward.

"There's only a bees knees in this competition.

"The tide will turn and our time will come."