IF there's one thing on the menu that needs no introduction in Ipswich, it's the pies and sausage rolls from Dominique's in the Ipswich Mall.

The bakery had a couple of weeks to find a new location after being told that their shop was going as part of the CBD rejuvenation, so the owners has now opened the doors this week on the new location in Bell Street, opposite the newsagent and right next to the train station, bus stops and taxi ranks.

For the last 38 years the iconic bakery has baked and sold everything from apple pies to custard tarts, and along with their other bakery opposite Coles in Limestone Street, the recipes have remained the same for almost four decades under the guidance of baker Craig Rule.

His wife Robyn runs Dominique's and she's excited about this new chapter not only for her family business, but for an icon of Ipswich.

"We were looking for something else in the mall, but couldn't find anything suitable," said owner Robyn Rule. "So, when they said, 'would you like to move here' we said yes. It's close to trains, bus and taxis so three should be some good foot traffic here in Bell Street."

The family also owns the bakery opposite Coles in Limestone Street, and that is where baker Craig Rule makes all his goodies.

Robyn Rule has moved her business, Dominiques Bakery to Bell Street.
Robyn Rule has moved her business, Dominiques Bakery to Bell Street. Rob Williams

"My husband's been baking for 34 years, and we've had bakeries all our lives, soon after we got married in fact. He gets up at 10.30 at night and bakes six days a week.

"Our pies and sausage rolls are our bestsellers, they always have been, and I'd have to say the most popular item in the last few years is still the steak bacon and cheese pie.

"We still bake them the way we always have, we've never changed the recipes and we know that's what Ipswich people like as our customers always comment how much they love our stuff."

Bakeries have had to diversify over the years, as Dominique's also offers coffee, sandwiches, rolls and cakes made to order.

"As a bakery we don't sell much bread any more, its more going towards a café style business," Robyn said. "You can't compete with Coles and Woolies who sell a loaf of bread for 80 cents, so we've had to change a bit over time.

"We've been here for so long, people just know us. The food's always good and our staff are wonderful. We have five here and another five at our other bakery.

"If I had to choose one thing that's my favourite it's got to be our sponge kiss. They are so good, and the best thing about my job is our customers. We have so many regulars that have been coming to us for years, it's always good to see them."

Dominique's is now open for business in Bell Street, opposite the newsagents.