IPSWICH'S popular Bakehouse Steakhouse is coming back, decades after it closed.

Brothers Alastair, Nick and Chris Stevenson have plans to restore the historic red brick walls, century old bakery ovens, high ceilings and metal tiles of the original Bakehouse Steakhouse.

The family bought the building on Darling St three years ago and always had plans to re-invent the Bakehouse Steakhouse.

The trio now plan to open the restaurant in November.

"The plan is to bring back this popular Ipswich restaurant and add to the community so it will be nice to have an eating and social hub in Ipswich," Alastair said.

Brothers Alastair, Nick and Chris Stevenson are bringing back an Ipswich favourite - The Bakehouse Steakhouse.
Brothers Alastair, Nick and Chris Stevenson are bringing back an Ipswich favourite - The Bakehouse Steakhouse. Rob Williams

"We grew up in Ipswich and and as kids we didn't have to leave. Now it seems like people have to go to Brisbane because there are not as many options and a lot of businesses have closed down.

"We always had plans to open a steakhouse."

The site was built in the 1800s and originally the home of the Halley's Bakery, established in 1916.

The bakery remained in business until 1964, when the building was sold and bakery closed down.

It reopened in the 1970s as a restaurant and function centre. The last business to use the building, a cafe, opened in September 2017 but it closed within months.

Alastair and Chris own a meat business and Nick has extensive hospitality experience in high-end venues in Brisbane.

"In a way it's a bit of vertical integration from the farm right through to the plate. A butcher shop didn't excite us so we wanted to do something that we are passionate about and we enjoy. Everyone knows the Bakehouse Steakhouse," Alastair added.

"We have a preference to hire local people, we want to support the local community and we want the local community to support us."

Nick said particular attention would be given to restoring the business to what the community remembered.

"A lot of people of our parents generation had their weddings there or their 21sts. It's letting them relive their past memories and creating new ones for our generation. The older generation can come and re-live the history and their memories," he said.