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Ride along

Ice addict teen in crime spree

A TEENAGER who took part in a series of car thefts, stealing and frauds, will stay in jail until even more serious matters are dealt with.

Saphfire Angel Erihe-Schaeffer, 18, from Raceview, pleaded guilty in Ipswich Magistrates Court to nearly 20 charges including four counts of unlawful use of a motor vehicle; three counts of fraud; three counts of attempted fraud; two counts of entering premises to steal; entering premises with intent; stealing; dangerous driving; two counts of driving unlicensed, failing to provide a blood specimen; two counts of evading police; unauthorised dealing with shop goods; and three counts of failing to appear at court.

She appeared for the sentence from jail via-video link.

Acting Senior Sergeant Chris O’Neill outlined details of the offending, including a petrol drive-off in September 6 last year at Caltex Ripley.

The court heard a red Holden Commodore was stolen from Raceview with a note left for its owner.

Erihe-Schaeffer stole an energy drink from the Four Square store at Leichhardt.

On October 31 she entered a house in Bundamba and stole items.

A glass panel beside the door was smashed to gain entry. A car was parked outside the house with a male seated in the driver’s seat.

He sounded the car’s horn when he saw a witness and two males joined Erihe-Schaefeer in running to the car.

The car was found abandoned in Brassall two days later.

Erihe-Schaeffer was taken back into custody after Ipswich police found her in a taxi.

After being granted bail she failed to attend court in November.

At 10pm on December 2 an orange Ford Falcon ute was stolen form a yard in Brassall.

Police facts stated Erihe-Schaffer and a co-accused Beau Dylan Shepherd, 20, stole the ute.

It was seen the next day at 11am in North Ipswich with a male changing a flat tyre. Erihe-Schaeffer was seen seated in the driver’s seat, the court heard.

It was later involved in a police pursuit using Polair to track the orange ute along the Warrego Highway at Dinmore.

Police deployed stingers and police allege the ute was being driven dangerously before crashing into another car.

Officers following the ute saw Erihe-Schaeffer and the co-accused swapping seats while it was being driven. At the time she only held a learner licence.

Defence lawyer Kelsea Read said her client was addicted to ice.

She said Erihe-Schaeffer wanted to start tertiary studies.

Magistrate Robert Walker said the offences were a violation of people’s property rights, along with safety issues where young people were driving in stolen cars.

Mr Walker sentenced Erihe-Schaeffer to a two-year probation order.

No conviction was recorded.

Some of the charges she pleaded guilty to were put aside to link with her outstanding serious charges.

Erihe-Schaeffer was disqualified from driving four months on each of six offences.