Ipswich CBD redevelopment.
Ipswich CBD redevelopment. Cordell Richardson

ICC to make call on who will manage CBD redevelopment

COUNCILLORS will likely deliver a verdict tomorrow on how to approach the management of the Ipswich Central Redevelopment Project going forward.

Discussed at the General Purposes Committee meeting last week, a report suggested that Ipswich City Council had two options to choose from regarding the direction they take in overseeing the project.

Option 1: Council has the ability to create a standing committee with its sole focus being the Ipswich Central Redevelopment Project.

Option 2: Council can delegate responsibility for the management and oversight of the project to the Ipswich City Council Chief Executive Officer.

First Ipswich City Council meeting of 2020. Picture: Cordell Richardson
Councillors at an Ipswich City Council meeting. Cordell Richardson

Option 1 would have selected councillors form a committee that is responsible for overseeing and managing the project within the constraints of the approved project budget, while option 2 would mean Ipswich City Council CEO David Farmer would establish an advisory panel made up of councillors and council employees, with the final approval on decisions being left to him.

It is looking likely that option 1 is the favourable choice among the council.

Mayor Teresa Harding said establishing a standing committee would allow the council to give monthly updates to residents and offered a clear format for transparency during the project.


First Ipswich City Council meeting of 2020. Mayor Teresa Harding. Picture: Cordell Richardson
Mayor Teresa Harding. Cordell Richardson

"There's a formal mechanism in place for that, as well as making sure that as much information that is not commercially confident is put out to the public.

"And to get feedback from the public as well."

Deputy Mayor Marnie Doyle agreed forming the standing committee would open better channels for communication with residents.

First Ipswich City Council meeting of 2020. Cr Marnie Doyle. Picture: Cordell Richardson
Division 3 councillor Marnie Doyle. Cordell Richardson

"I feel a little bit invested being a representative of Division 3, many of our constituents are heavily invested in this project so I think it warrants its own committee."

Division 2 councillor Paul Tully moved a motion requesting a report from Mr Farmer before a decision was made, outlining the process of creating a committee and the responsibilities that follows.

The council unanimously voted in favour of the motion.

Mr Farmer will bring that report to tomorrow's council meeting and it will be discussed which council members would form the standing committee if they are to go ahead with option 1.

The meeting will be livestreamed on the Ipswich City Council website from 9am.

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