Ian Rickuss
Ian Rickuss

Rickuss is hopeful of promotion

WITH more than 40 new faces in the new government, LNP veteran Ian Rickuss is hopeful of obtaining a position in Campbell Newman's ministry.

Mr Rickuss said after years of serving in opposition he was hopeful of obtaining a position within the new government.

"If you get involved in politics, like anyone, you're going to have some ambitions," he said.

"But I'll leave that up to the leaders."

Mr Rickuss said he expected decisions regarding the new State Government ministries would be made within the week.

On a night where 43 seats changed hands, the fate of his seat of Lockyer was never in doubt.

Despite a strong challenge from former Lockyer Valley councillor turned Katter's Australia Party candidate David Neuendorf, sitting LNP member Ian Rickuss comfortably retained the seat.

Mr Rickuss received 51.48% of the primary vote compared to Mr Neuendorf's 24.67%.

Mr Rickuss said the election was a great night for the LNP

"It was a really good night for me, we're really happy with it," he said.

Despite the landslide victory Mr Rickuss said the LNP needed to take care in its governance.

"It'll be an exciting time for the LNP government," he said.

"But we've got to make sure we listen to the people of Queensland because as this election showed if the people aren't happy they'll get rid of us."