AMBULANCE CHASER: Scott Gordon leaves Ipswich Magistrates Court on Tuesday.
AMBULANCE CHASER: Scott Gordon leaves Ipswich Magistrates Court on Tuesday. Ross Irby

'I was going for a ride': Drunk biker avoids injury in crash

REVVED up on two wheels, Scott Gordon zipped around an ambulance only to lose control and slam into a parked ute.

The impact sent him tumbling off his bike.

The teen rider wore no crash helmet but avoided serious injury.

Gordon, 19, had been drinking alcohol, his dirt bike was unregistered and uninsured, and he'd never held a licence to ride on a public road.

The escapade landed him before Ipswich Magistrates Court yesterday where the Goodna lad pleaded guilty to drink driving with a blood alcohol limit of .074; driving without due care and attention; being a driver who never held a licence; driving unregistered and uninsured and not wearing a motorbike helmet.

Police prosecutor Senior Constable Carl Spargo said police were called at 7.30pm on January 27 to the scene of a crash at Goodna and officers saw a ute parked off road on nature strip and a motor bike rider on the ground.

Witnesses told police Gordon accelerated around an ambulance, lost control, mounted the kerb and struck the ute.

"He says he drank seven cans of bourbon and coke at home and thought the ambulance was taking a family member away so chased after it then crashed," Snr Cnst Spargo said.

Gordon said otherwise.

"I wasn't chasing the ambulance, I was being stupid," Gordon told Magistrate Donna MacCallum.

"I was just going for a ride. I thought it was a good idea but it wasn't."

A blood test revealed he also had drugs in his system.

Gordon was fined $1000 and disqualified for three months for driving when unlicensed, and five months for drink driving - a total of eight months off the road.