Pauline Hanson on Today. Picture: Nine
Pauline Hanson on Today. Picture: Nine

'I warned them': Hanson claims vindication

One Nation leader Pauline Hanson has claimed the coronavirus has vindicated her opposition to "globalisation", saying she warned Australia about the "dangers" years ago.

"The Coalition and Labor parties will act like no one could have seen any of this coming, but the truth is they were warned and they did nothing," Ms Hanson wrote in a Facebook post.

"I warned them of the dangers of allowing our manufacturing to be sent offshore. I warned them of the dangers of foreign ownership. I even warned them of the United Nations' corruption which we are now seeing displayed so clearly by their offshoots in the World Health Organisation.

"Sadly, much of what I warned about has come to pass and now the true cost of globalism is being laid bare for all to see."

We should note that her warnings never included anything about a global pandemic.

The post included footage from a speech Ms Hanson gave in 1997, in which she railed against free trade and the United Nations, among other things.

That wasn't long after her maiden speech to parliament, in which she claimed Australia was being "swamped by Asians".