THE women who found missing five-year-old Gold Coast girl Jocelyn Lewis said they stumbled on her by chance.

The tiny Nerang resident, who has a medical condition, disappeared about 4.30pm on Sunday.

She was found safe and well about 3pm yesterday after an around-the-clock search involving emergency services and hundreds of community members.

Volunteers Kylie Maudsley and Bree Johnson decided to search an industrial area south of Nerang.

The two women were calling the little girl's name when she suddenly emerged form long grass.

"It was a big field and I just said 'Jocelyn' and she stood up," Mrs Maudsley told reporters.

"She just said 'Here I am'.

"I just called out once and she just stood up.

"It was a needle in a haystack.

"It was in the middle of the highway and a railroad track."

Ms Johnson said the youngster was in good spritis considering her ordeal.

"She said that she was cold and hungry," Mrs Johnson said.

"I'm just amazed at how well she was.

"She had little cuts and bruises.

"Her little toes were bleeding but she was fine."

Jocelyn's father Steve Lewis, with his daighter safely in his arms, told reporters his family had feared the worst.

 "We just need to clean her up and give her a good meal, we haven't eaten," he said.

"I was getting concerned it was going to go the other way.

"It was a relief.

"(We) want to thank everyone for the support. It's fantastic." - ARM NEWSDESK