GUILTY: Casey Welch pleaded guilty in Maroochydore Magistrates Court to drink driving.
GUILTY: Casey Welch pleaded guilty in Maroochydore Magistrates Court to drink driving.

‘I f----- up’: Driver over 3x limit flips car after burnout

A burnout while close to four times the legal limit had one drink driver admitting he "f----- up," after he crashed into a tree and flipped the car.

Casey Jay Welch, 33, pleaded guilty on July 6 to three charges in the Maroochydore Magistrates Court, including drink driving and driving without due care and attention.

Police prosecutor Mark Burrell told the court that at 7.25pm on January 10, Coolum police attended a single car crash on Boundary Crescent, Marcoola.

"Upon arrival, they observed a white Nissan Navara on its roof with extensive damage," he said.

The court heard Welch admitted to drinking heavily prior to driving and decided he was the most sober to drive home.

"He admitted to losing control of the vehicle and crashing into a tree after attempting a burnout before the vehicle rolled over and ended up on its roof," Mr Burrell said.

"The defendant admitted his guilt, saying he f----- up."

Both Welch and the passenger were taken to Sunshine Coast University Hospital for their injuries. The passenger sustained chest injuries, while Welch suffered a head injury and bruises and cuts.

Welch was breathalysed and returned a reading of 0.195.

The court also heard that Welch was unlicensed at the time.

Self represented, Welch told the court there was no excuse for his actions.

"I made some very bad decisions," he said.

Welch told the court that it was the passenger and the owner of the car who had convinced him to do the burnouts.

Magistrate Matthew McLaughlin told Welch he was very lucky to still be alive and that he hadn't killed anyone.

"You were virtually four times the legal limit, nobody can drive a car properly at that time, let alone driving like a hoon like you were," he said.

"You're lucky it was a tree you had crashed into. Imagine it was some neighbour who came out to rouse on the young fellas who were doing stupid doing burnouts in the street at night and you crashed into them.

"You could be standing here facing a charge of manslaughter and going to jail for years."

Mr McLaughlin said that type of behaviour for a 33-year-old was absolutely stupid.

"This behaviour sounds like a 16-year-old who's out for their first drive in a car," he said.

He fined Welch $1500 and disqualified him from driving for 15 months, with convictions recorded.

"Start acting your age please. You're a bit old to be doing burnouts while full of grog," Mr McLaughlin said.