'I am a lion': MP Jo-Ann Miller roars in parliament

A LION sleeps in Ipswich and this ferocious cat has the city's dump operators in its sights.

Outspoken MP Jo-Ann Miller last night sensationally declared "I am a lion".

"They say that there are two types of elected officials," Ms Miller declared.

"There are the lions and there are the sheep. I am a lion and I have been roaring for Ipswich ever since I was elected to this House."

Ms Miller, the member for Bundamba since 2000, rose to speak on an LNP motion for the State Government to take over the BMI application to open a new 'super dump' at New Chum.

The LNP wants the government to 'call in' the application and reject it.

The anticipation inside the parliamentary chamber was palpable with speculation Ms Miller would cross the floor to support the LNP motion rather than side with her own government.

Instead, Ms Miller used her time to repeat her position on the application, calling for the elected councillors to "do their jobs" and make the decision themselves.

"Development applications are made to the Ipswich City Council. It is the Ipswich city councillors who should be making the decision.

"The councillors have delegated their decision-making to faceless bureaucrats who are employed by them. The councillors are charged with making the decision.

"Do your jobs. You are elected by the people of Ipswich to do your jobs."

Ms Miller slammed any suggestion Ipswich residents wanted new dumps to open within the city limits in a passionate tirade.

She also questioned the council's decision to reduce BMI's application fee.

"I also want to talk about the application fee. There is a real smell around this application fee," Ms Miller said.

"It was supposed to be $800,000 and it went down to $200,000. Who made that decision? Does that mean that only $200,000 worth of work is going to be done by the council?"

She said no one wanted the dumps, labelling the existing facilities "a blight on Ipswich, stinking, filthy, dirty, rotten, dusty dumps".

"...you do have to shut your windows and doors. You sweat in summer," Ms Miller said.

"You cannot have barbecues. You cannot eat outside and people suffer nausea and vomiting. The fires.

"No-one should be living like this. We live in a Third World city because of these dumps."

Ms Miller supported the State's amendment to the motion, supporting her government.

The LNP motion was defeated.

WATCH: Jo-Ann Miller's speech here.