Hyped up Vietnam vet assaults Gatton police officer

A LOCKERY VALLEY Vietnam Veteran assaulted and obstructed police when they were undertaking a raid earlier this month.

John George Nicholas swore at officers and said “you better have a f*****g warrant as they approached his stepson’s home on November 12, the Gatton Magistrate’s Court heard.

As police arrived at a Cleary Street property in Gatton with a search warrant in relation to alleged drug offences, Nicholas was present at the home.

The officers told Nicholas he was not allowed into the house, which caused the pensioner to erupt in anger and push one officer in the chest out of the way.

Nicholas was subsequently arrested but resisted the police’s attempts to restrain him.

Police prosecutor Senior sergeant Al Windsor said the officers were unaware at the time of Nicholas’ connection to the home.

Nicholas appeared in the Gatton Magistrates Court on Monday and pleaded guilty to two charges, one of obstructing police and the other, assaulting a police officer.

Duty lawyer Kevin Rose said his client was attending the house on the day in question because members of his family lived there.

The court heard his stepson was at the house, who police arrested for alleged drug offences following the altercation.

These matters were also before the court on Monday.

Mr Rose said Nicholas is on a disability support pension for PTSD having served for the Australian Defence Force during the Vietnam War.

On the day of the incident, he had not taken his medication which is to support his mood swings Mr Rose said.

Mr Rose put on record that Nicholas was “hyped up” that day because he had not taken his medication and was remorseful and understood the police had a job to do.

Magistrate Graham Lee convicted, and fined Nicholas $400 referred to SPER.

The conviction was recorded.