This reality star’s husband “begged” her not to get more surgery – and was “furious” when she came home with a whole new face.
This reality star’s husband “begged” her not to get more surgery – and was “furious” when she came home with a whole new face.

Husband’s fury at star’s secret facelift

Danielle Lloyd has revealed she's had secret eye lift surgery behind her husband's back and he was furious when he found out.

The former UK glamour model turned reality star, 37, said she had a "fox-eye" thread lift as well as a second thread lift on her jawline.

Danielle claims she heard the Kardashians had the work done and so she wanted to follow suit.

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She told Closer magazine: "Seeing all these gorgeous young girls on Instagram also made me feel insecure and worry about my age - I turn 38 later this year, and the prospect of being 40 worries me.

"I want to look my best, and this procedure prevents things like jowls and lines, so I thought, 'Prevention is better than cure!' I know I'm a little bit obsessed but it makes me feel better."

However, her husband Michael and eldest son Archie, 11, were furious with her decision.

Michael - who she married in 2019 and shares son Ronnie, 4, with - begged her not to get any more surgery.


Danielle Lloyd after her new eye lift.
Danielle Lloyd after her new eye lift.


Before the procedure.
Before the procedure.

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She continued: "Michael just thought I was going out to get a beauty treatment, like getting my eyelashes done or something.

"He was furious - he lost it and just kept telling me, 'You're going to f**k your face up.'

"He tells me I'm beautiful and to stop - and I do believe him, but I feel like it makes me feel better and more confident.

"Archie also shouted at me - he got upset and said, 'Mum, what have you done to your face?'

"Straight after the procedure, I was bruised and swollen for around 24 hours, so I did look scary.

"I sat him down and explained that I'd got it done to make me feel happier, and he understood. It went down the next day and it was okay, but it upset him."


She says husband Michael was ‘furious’.
She says husband Michael was ‘furious’.


The threads - which last 18 months - are said to pull the eye back to create a more almond shape and reduces sagging.

As well as Archie, she shares sons Harry, 10, and George, 8, with her ex-husband Jamie O'Hara.

Danielle is no stranger to cosmetic surgery and made the trip to Turkey for some body tweaks in October 2019.

Danielle decided to have a bum lift, stomach tuck, boob reconstruction and lipo during her trip abroad.

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Danielle’s husband Michael doesn’t approve of her many procedures.
Danielle’s husband Michael doesn’t approve of her many procedures.


Despite previously vowing to never go under the knife again after a botched boob job in 2012, Danielle said she couldn't be happier with the results.

She told Closer magazine: "I can't wait to get my kit off! This is the most confident I've felt about my body in a long time.

"I know I said I wouldn't have more surgery, but I thought to myself, 'Do I actually give a sh*t what people think?' I'm allowed to change my mind because I want to feel happy."

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