Husband in television 'pawn shock'

WHEN her husband got out of jail and went home he spotted that his wife had a new television.

The television was soon after taken to an Ipswich pawn broker and left as collateral to borrow money.

But Ipswich Magistrates Court heard that the television was not the woman's to pawn - it was a rental.

Kerri Anne Morley, 33, from Willowbank, pleaded guilty to fraud; and stealing the television in June 2018.

Prosecutor, Senior Constable Dave Shelton said Morley signed a rental agreement with Rent Ezi in June 2018 for a Sonic brand television.

Morley made two rental payments of $30 then stopped making any more.

Snr Const Shelton said staff at the rental company exhausted their attempts to collect the rental arrears and reported the television as being stolen.

When Yamanto police went to her home a few days before Christmas, Morley told officers she made two payments then pawned the television at Pennywise a couple of months before.

"She said it was traded by her husband Grant," Snr Const Shelton said.

"She says he was not aware of the situation of the television and was shocked.

"He was spoken to and says he'd been in prison. And when released he sees that she has a new television.

"He did not know it was rented. It was given as security for a $180 loan."

Police sought $180 restitution for Pennywise, and $304.70 for Rent Ezi.

Defence lawyer Matthew Fairclough said Morley's criminal history did not do her any favours but she had been co-operative with police.

He conceded she was on a suspended sentence at the time, but said Morley continued to pay interest payments to the pawn broker.

"She told police she needed the money as a child had a birthday and she was in financial difficulty," he said.

"The pawn broker paid $180."

Magistrate Tracy Mossop convicted and sentenced Morley to one month jail on each offence, both suspended for 12 months and ordered her to pay restitution.