Hundreds polled on Ipswich City Council

HUNDREDS of Ipswich residents received calls last night, asking them to take part in a ReachTEL poll regarding Ipswich City Council.

The poll was commissioned by the QT following comments made by acting mayor Wayne Wendt, claiming the majority of Ipswich residents did not want the council to be dismissed. 

During budget week Cr Wendt said "80 per cent of the public" backed the council to keep their jobs and believed there was "enormous support out there".

Part of commissioning this poll was to verify if that claim was accurate.

In this poll, 842 residents responded.

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Seven questions regarding the council were asked during the phone poll, following an introduction.


Recent political and alleged criminal events related to Ipswich City Council have seen the QLD state government draft new legislation to stand down all elected councillors.

During the ongoing Crime and Corruption Commission investigation, 15 people associated with the council, have been charged with more than 70 offences.

Among the accused are two mayors and two CEOs. This survey is being undertaken to ask residents of Ipswich their opinions on the matter.

Question one

Before this call were you aware of the matter described in the survey introduction?

Question two

If an election were to be held today, which of the following would receive your first preference vote?

Question three

What action do you think the local government minister should have taken against the council?

Question four

How well do you think the city would operate under administration?

Question five

What do you think the issues surrounding the city council and councillors has done to the reputation of Ipswich?

Question six

How comfortable are you to vote for a councillor who was not named as part of this event, in the next local government elections?

Question seven

If there was an election tomorrow and Paul Pisasale ran in it, would you vote for him?

The first in a series of the articles regarding the results of this poll will appear in Saturday's QT and on from midnight.