FRESH PRODUCE: Anthony Bauer on his farm.
FRESH PRODUCE: Anthony Bauer on his farm.

How you can have organic veggies delivered to your door

IF THE idea of avoiding going into shopping centres is appealing to you, one Lockyer Valley grower is offering to deliver fresh vegetables to your door.

After 20 years of supplying directly to supermarkets, one Lockyer Valley grower has noticed his business model evolving before his eyes.

Anthony Bauer has grown vegetables organically for 30 years and his products have been filling the shelves at major grocery stores for nearly as long.

But, in the past two weeks, business has changed to match the changing shopping habits of Lockyer Valley families.

In the past few months, Lockyer Valley Organics has been attracting shoppers wanting to place orders directly.

"It means they can buy direct instead of having to go through a retail supermarket chain, they can get to know the product," Mr Bauer said.

He said it began by word of mouth, after he started selling the products he couldn't sell to grocery stores.

"(If) There's nothing wrong with it; it might just have a twist in it or a mark on it but it's still a great product," he said.

"Someone asked if we had a particular product and we put a box together for them and it went from there.

"It wasn't intentional but it's just grown and now we have people employed to do this job."

As the appeal of heading to crowded shopping centres plummets due to the spread of coronavirus, Mr Bauer said demand for boxes of vegies had skyrocketed.

He will be offering a delivery service at an extra fee so shoppers don't have to do anything other than pick up their phone and place an order.

"We had always wanted to do the home delivery but now, because we're getting requests, we're fast-forwarding that option to be available right now," he said.

Deliveries are available to anyone living between Ipswich and Toowoomba and as far north as Esk, as well as other parts of the Somerset region.

To place an order for pick up or delivery, phone Amanda on 0427576778.