COMING: Uber is days away from being legal in Queensland.
COMING: Uber is days away from being legal in Queensland.

How you can earn up to $2500 per week

IT'S less than three days until Uber is legalised in Queensland and the push is on to recruit more drivers for the popular ride sharing service.

A glance at job search websites show a stream of ads for Uber and UberX drivers to work in regions right across the country including the Sunshine Coast, Newcastle, Maitland, Hobart, Bunbury, Ballarat and more.

Sunshine Coast Uber driver Heather Marc said it was exciting times knowing they would soon be free to operate hassle-free.

"Absolutely (it's exciting), I don't have any fear of any nonsense any more with the Department of Transport," she said.


HUNT: The search is on for more Uber drivers as the ride sharing service is only days away from being legalised.
HUNT: There are plenty of job ads on SEEK at present as Uber nears being legalised in Queensland. Contributed

She said there was still a sense of the unknown for current drivers as to what to expect with the possibility of more drivers joining the ranks.

"We won't really know until things are properly legislated and people are comfortable," Ms Marc said.

"It's hard to predict anything at this point in time."

She said it was good the service was being legalised, opening up more job opportunities for people in the region.


UBER has launched a new service on the Coast, Uber Assist, to help visually impaired people with driver Heather Marc.
Photo Patrick Woods / Sunshine Coast Daily
EXCITED: Coast Uber driver Heather Marc. Patrick Woods

As for whether she was worried about losing work with an influx of extra drivers she said again it was a matter of wait and see.

"I finished at 1am this morning," she said.

"There's plenty of drivers coming up from Brisbane of a weekend too."

There were plenty of advertisements for UberX drivers, recruits and cars needed for the service's more luxurious option.

UberX job ads showed opportunities to earn $30-$40 per hour and spoke of the top drivers pulling in up to $2500 each week.

Frameworks to legalise Uber in Victoria and Tasmania are also being created at present meaning soon the Northern Territory will be the only state or territory not to legalise Uber, although that too could change with a change in government in the Top End.

Uber Queensland general manager Sam Bool said they'd seen a spike in interest from new riders and driver-partners since the moves to legalise the ride sharing service were made in Queensland.

"Our Greenlight Hubs, where we help onboard new driver-partners have never been busier and we've actually had to put on extra staff to cope with the demand," Mr Bool said.

He expected to see plenty of Uber action on the Sunshine Coast over the peak holiday period.