Parkway Drive, pic by Dave LePage
Parkway Drive, pic by Dave LePage

How worldwide metalcore fans are helping Oz bushfire victims

BYRON BAY metal titans Parkway Drive have thrown their weight behind helping the victims of the bushfire crisis.

The band set up a GoFundMe page in January and launched it with a $50,000 donation from their own finances.

The total last week sat at $129,479 with 1.5k donations and closed on Friday February 14.

Winston made a heartfelt plea through the Intagram video feature to fans across the world.

"Hey guys, we are making this post in regard to the bushfire situation which is currently playing out in our home of Australia," he said.

"In case you are unaware of what is going on we are currently in the midst of a natural disaster which has been playing out for a couple of months now and basically annihilated an incredible amount of our country."

Winston said they were thinking of all the people who have been affected and their hearts and minds and thoughts were with them.

"We have toured so much of this country and so much of the information I see coming across my screen has been from places I'm familiar with and we have been to and we have been treated so kindly and it really is heartbreaking to see what is happening around this country right now," he said.

The band have also announced a new soundtrack coming off the back of the new documentary Viva The Underdogs which was screened in cinemas around the world to great success and praise.