Rachael Treacy (middle) with clients wearing dresses for hire.
Rachael Treacy (middle) with clients wearing dresses for hire. Contributed

How woman turned shopping addiction into savvy business

FASHION was always just a hobby for Mackay local Rachael Treacy. It wasn't until her love of online shopping outgrew the size of her closet that she decided to turn her addiction to clothes into a business.

Borrow Bird High End Hires gives local girls the ability to hire out designer clothes worth hundreds of dollars, for an affordable price.

Ms Treacy's collection of designer clothes has grown immensely over the last 18 months and she now has over 50 items available to hire.

"I had 12 girls wearing my dresses at the Mackay Cup this year," Rachael said.

"I attended the event as well so it was kind of surreal seeing my business exist like that."

Studying engineering at university and working full time as a mechanical drafts-person at Mackay Conveyor Equipment has kept Ms Treacy busy for the last four years. Now finished with her degree, the 23 year old is excited to spend more time focusing on her business.

"I love my day job but to come home and be able to do this and have a different life on the weekends where I get to wear designer clothes - it's awesome," she said.

Utilising social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook has allowed Ms Treacy to market Borrow Bird without incurring any costs.

"I use my client photos on my Instagram page and that creates advertising because people will tag their friends and then I get more traffic on my page," she said.

"Even though it will be a little bit expensive I am hoping to have a website soon to make browsing my dresses easier."

On September 1, Ms Treacy will be showcasing her designer collection in the first ever Golden Z Club fashion show and cocktail night. The event will also showcase outfits from local designer Anna Dutton Couture.

Ms Treacy is stoked to be involved in the community event and is proud to see her little business grow into something bigger than she could have ever imagined.

"It's super exciting to see my hard work pay off and showcase my collection like this," she said.

To purchase tickets to the fashion show, click here