City visitors name, rate Ipswich's best cafes

GETTING into the hospitality business in Ipswich can be tricky, because we love our coffee here in the west.

Around a decade ago there were very few cafes, but along with the nation's thirst for good coffee and quality food, the number of cafes have exploded in our city.

It's interesting to see not only what locals think, but visitors and tourists, and according to the reviews and ratings left by travellers on Trip Advisor, three cafes in Ipswich continue to be head and shoulders above the rest with visitors.

Rafter & Rose, Fourthchild and Queen's Park Café are far and away the most popular, accounting for the vast majority of reviews on Trip Advisor.

Barista Porsche Risson and owner Candy Gazdagh from Rafter & Rose
Barista Porsche Risson and owner Candy Gazdagh from Rafter & Rose Darren Hallesy

Candy Gazdagh from Rafter and Rose, one of the most popular in Ipswich according to the ratings that tourists have left on the site, says that getting customer satisfaction comes down to getting a few basics right.

"We've had the café four years this week, and my niece and I used to work here under a different owner," Ms Gazdagh said.

"I met a friend here for coffee one day, and I said how much I loved it. The owner said 'Do you want to buy it?' and I said yes, just like that.

"I'd heard from someone that said we had a reputation for how well we look after our staff, and that's the biggest challenge, getting the right mix of staff, so they all get along."

Candy has worked in several café's in Ipswich including Deanne's and Coffee Club, and knew straight away what she wanted to offer.

"I didn't worry about whether it would succeed or fail, we just wanted to do it. The biggest thing from the start was getting three factors right. Great coffee. Great food. Great service.

"All the places I'd worked I always got two right, and I really wanted to get all three.

"We put the extra mile in, like when people bring dogs in we give them a piece of bacon, we remember people's names, what they like to drink...four years on we can still do that. I guess that's the recipe for why we do well.

"I think Ipswich is a very progressive city. Discover Ipswich does a great job to bring people into the city. Word of mouth works well in Ipswich, it's like a big country town, and we all try to support each other in business," she added. "I get to do what I love every day. When I have time off I can't wait to get back to work."


Café / Suburb / Avg rating / Customer reviews

Rafter & Rose -- Ipswich CBD -- 4.5 -- 155

Fourthchild -- Ipswich CBD -- 4 -- 309

Queens Park Café -- Ipswich CBD -- 4 -- 240

Beans & Greens -- Ipswich CBD -- 4.5 -- 50

Café 63 -- Winston Glades -- 4.5 -- 46

Lotus Café -- Springfield Lakes -- 4 -- 46

Jamaica Blue -- Riverlink -- 4 -- 27

Florrey Bel -- Tivoli -- 4 -- 26

Dancing Bean -- Ipswich CBD -- 4 -- 21

Thirty Seven -- Bundamba -- 4 -- 28

Source: TripAdvisor