SNAPPED: Use these tips to capture your own great image.
SNAPPED: Use these tips to capture your own great image. SGT Andrew Eddie

Today's flypast: How to shoot a Super Hornet

TODAY'S spectacular Super Hornet flypast, as Amberley's 6 Squadron farewell their much-loved jet fighter-bombers, is a great chance to grab a truly spectacular photo.

The flight of five jets will take from Amberley at 10am, and head southeast to Evan's Head in New South Wales, before returning to Amberley at about 11.40am.

The question is, how do you get a great photo of this memorable occasion?

Dave Neilsen, veteran QT photographer, shared these simple tips for getting a good shot.

Practise shooting fast moving subjects like a family pet or running children around the house.

Read your camera's manual so you are familiar with your auto-focus settings and practise and test how they work.

Find high ground if possible so you are not shooting from directly below but can shoot down on or at a reduced angle of view.

Use a good quality telescopic lens.

Try panning at slower shutter speeds to create motion blurFor those using a camera phone or tablet, the suggestion is to hold it horizontal, and brace your elbows into your body, to keep it as still as possible.

If you are shooting a video, then turn your whole body as the jets go past, to keep the phone or tablet steady.

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