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How to thank Turnbull and forget you're in business

Tony Abbott claims Turnbull invented the Internet

Tony Abbott has demonstrated his technology credentials by claiming that Malcolm Turnbull invented the Internet.

The gaffe has reignited Coalition leadership tensions now that Rudd has 11 more party votes than Abbott.

A spokesperson for the Systems Administrators Guild responded to Abbott's claim with a slow clap and a single tear.

Taxes, royalties 'destroyed 75% of value of coal business'

A top mining chief has warned against letting 75% of mining profits go to Australians instead of overseas investors.

Coal miners claim the Government has made investing in risky, low-margin, legacy industries less attractive.

When asked why anyone still invests in coal, industry representatives had a good, hard look at themselves.

Loss of 11,000 coal mining jobs blamed on competition, gas

Anglo-American boss Mark Cutifani claims the Government should have done more to protect miners from market forces.

Competition from cheaper energy sources and more efficient producers caught the mining industry by surprise.

The industry denies the problem came from employing swathes of former public servants to their executive staff.

"We feel that competition and market forces are anti-business and hurt profitability," said an industry spokesperson.

Inquiry: Electricity price rises due to network gold-plating

The Queensland State Government has been forced to stop blaming solar power for energy price rises.

The news comes the same week the LNP lost Julia Gillard as a get-out-of-doing-our-job card.

The LNPs existing policies to combat price increases include blame, anger and taking repeated kidney shots at emerging industries. 

Open-plan offices affect ability to concentrate, study finds

Putting dozens of adults in an open space and expecting them to concentrate doesn't work, research has found.

The report concluded that frustrated people are less likely to collaborate well or function efficiently.

On the positive side, lead authors on the paper cited a general improvement in Nerf-related morale.

Researchers have confirmed that actual money was spent working all of this out.