Kieran Bicheno
Kieran Bicheno Thaii Chung

How to stall progress and survive a macadamia shortage

More than $100 million worth of developments sitting idle

Fraser Coast developers are seeking project approvals for the sheer fun of it, it would seem.

"It just goes to show that lengthy approval procedures are killing development," said a local developer.

When asked why projects that had already been approved were stalling, the developer bolted.

GVK Hancock to defend mine against environmental concerns

Environmental activists have stalled a massive GVK Hancock mining project with action in the Land Court.

The action, expected to last up to three weeks, puts thousands of jobs up in the air.

In other news, Jehovah's Witness were successful in gaining an injunction against a 6-year-old girl's heart transplant.

Fair mark a solution to end milk price war

Dairy farmers are calling for a 'fair mark' to show a fair price has been paid for milk.

The mark would show supermarkets have paid at least 8c per litre above cost.

Consumers have supported the idea just long enough to avoid looking bad for relying on the cheap milk.

Power companies combine forces for best coal price

A group of power companies will negotiate as one on coal prices, all with the blessing of the ACCC.

The ACCC will provide the group with immunity if accused of uncompetitive behaviour.

Experts were prepared to criticise the move until the other negotiating party was revealed to be Anglo American.

Australia wide macadamia shortage due to weather

Years of horrible weather have resulted in a dire shortage of macadamia nuts.

So far there are no reported calls for a bailout or subsidies from the industry.

Experts are calling on someone, anyone, to give macadamia farmers some form of medal, now.