A man has faced court after assaulting three people.
A man has faced court after assaulting three people.

How school dad saved woman from ‘cowardly’ assault

A DAD on school drop-off duty stopped a vicious, "cowardly" attack when he dropped a meth-dazed thug in his tracks.

The father - walking his daughter to school with a female friend on Pease Street last month - watched as Jimmy Gibson Thaiday, 25, rode his bicycle to the pair and demanded the woman leave with him.

When she refused, Thaiday leaned from his bike and punched her, then dismounted to kick the woman, yelling "get up you p***y and fight me."

Momentarily stunned at the violence, the man stepped in front of Thaiday to stop the attack and became the meth-addled attacker's would-be punching bag.

The dad slipped Thaiday's sloppy hook and felled him with a tackle, all the while soaking up blows to his head, back and ears.

When two bystanders intervened to end the brawl, Thaiday hefted a lump of concrete and advanced on the foe, but then dropped the improvised club and rode away.

Cairns Magistrates Court on Tuesday heard Thaiday had attacked the woman a day earlier when he demanded she leave a friend's residence with him.

He was shooed away by another third party, who locked him out of the unit.

Police later arrested Thaiday, who was on parole at the time, at his parents' house.

He appeared in court from custody and pleaded guilty to three counts of assault.

Magistrate Scott Luxton jailed Thaiday for nine months.

"It was a cowardly and protracted act on someone who was vulnerable and was a victim of your behaviour one day prior," Mr Luxton said.

He set a parole release date of September 17.