How to ruin your business with the Coalition's NBN plan

Coalition's broadband cheaper, but slower technology

The Federal Coalition's proposed broadband plan has been ridiculed as 'fraudband' by experts, businesses and households.

Malcolm Turnbull's proposal would see a coalition government spend two thirds of the present NBN's cost for a quarter of the speed.

An LNP spokesperson defended the proposal, saying "the Internet is new and it scares us."

Why viewing porn is like unsafe sex for your computer

A new report by Conrad Longmore has likened viewing porn on your computer to unsafe sex.

The viruses, transmitted through ads embedded on porn sites, can cause severe itching and sores.

A porn industry representative urged users to "always wear a condom while surfing for porn."

Small, medium businesses shunning social media

Regional and rural businesses are yet to embrace social media as a source of new business says Telstra.

A regional business expert questioned the report, pointing out that social media is filled with "trolls, crybabies and communists."

Online advocates attempted to defend social media but were forced to admit the expert was "pretty much right."

Australia named safest mining investment a second time

Research by mining consultants has named Australia the safest place in the world for mining investment, again.

Australia beat Canada, Chile, Brazil and whichever alternate reality Australia critics of the Federal Government must be referring to.

A Minerals Council spokesperson questioned the report's credentials, before quickly finding a report less favourable to Australia.

Apple working on thinner, lighter fifth generation iPad

Apple's next iPad will be thinner and lighter than the current offering says tech site DigiTimes.

Sources also indicate that the iPad five may be as little as a year behind the technology of current Android tablets.

Shopping centers around the country have reported "trendy, sweet-smelling professionals" already lining up for the October release date.