UPDATE: Burrito Bar will open tonight

19th April 2017 11:00 AM
UPDATED 21st April 2:22 PM
The Burrito Bar is coming to Toowoomba. Silkstone Village Burrito Bar will open today.


THE Burrito Bar at Silkstone will open this evening.

Franchisee Siva Daram said staff were setting up the popular restaurant now and that the doors should open between 4-5pm today.

The Burrito Bar Silkstone is the 24th instalment in the Burrito Bar franchise.

Mr Daram said the locals had been asking him constantly when the restaurant would open.

The restaurant, located at 73 Blackstone Rd in Silkstone, will mark the region's third Burrito Bar with other franchises at Redbank Plains and Springfield.

Silkstone Village Burrito Bar co-owner Shiva Daram.
Silkstone Village Burrito Bar co-owner Shiva Daram. Rob Williams

EARLIER: A POPULAR Mexican fast food chain is set to open another store in Ipswich later this week.

After weeks of anticipation from customers and constant questions on when his store would open, Burrito Bar franchisee Siva Daram can reveal his Silkstone restaurant will open in time for the weekend.

"Almost all the major localities in Brisbane have Burrito Bars and we wanted to open up in a good residential locality," he said.

"We came up with a few locations, researched Ipswich and found the population was growing.

"We also want to focus on families so we're hoping for a good response from residents."

The Silkstone restaurant will mark the region's third Burrito Bar with other franchises at Redbank Plains and Springfield.

"I worked in the Burrito Bar as a manager for four years but this is my first business," Mr Daram said.

The 27-year-old said people had been knocking on his door and asking on Facebook when the restaurant would open its doors.

"Every day people who come to Coles come to our store and ask when we're open," he said.

"We don't have many good bars around the Silkstone area and a lot of people are also asking if we're licensed, which we are."

The business owner said the Burrito Bar was known for its specials, particularly its 25 cent buffalo wings.

"It's not expensive and we have great deals - for example, with the La Comida deal for $9.95 you get a burrito, fries and a drink and the 25 cent buffalo wings are very popular," he said.

A bakery and sushi shop are also opening in the new Silkstone Village shopping precinct alongside Coles, which opened earlier this month.

Mr Daram didn't have an exact opening date but hoped Burrito Bar would be operating by this Friday.