Gary Ryan died after suffering multiple stab wounds.
Gary Ryan died after suffering multiple stab wounds.

How much did alleged father killers know?

TWO men on trial for murder did not know what was going to transpire the day a Mundubbera father was stabbed to death, a court has heard.

Trevor Spencer and Stephen Peter Crump have pleaded not guilty to murdering Gary Ryan, who was found with critical stab wounds at a property on August 23, 2016.

Crown prosecutor Danny Boyle told the jury at Brisbane District Court that Mr Ryan, 43, was "lured into an ambush" where he was stabbed and cut almost 60 times with at least three different weapons.

Mr Boyle alleged Mr Spencer, alongside another man who cannot be named, helped inflict some of the fatal blows and Mr Crump was the "getaway driver".

Throughout the trial, the defence has argued that Mr Crump did not know what was planned that day and Mr Spencer was present but did not inflict any blows to Mr Ryan.

During closing addresses on Monday afternoon, defence barrister Robert East said while there was no doubt that Mr Crump was involved - "the real issue is to what extent was he involved?"

"There is no evidence that the prosecution can point to proving Stephen Crump was aware of any pre-planning…," he said.

Mr East also questioned why, if Mr Crump was suspicious, he would volunteer all of his personal details at check in at a Gin Gin motel in the days before Mr Ryan's death.

"If you're up to no good … you would give false details," he said.

Mr Spencer's defence barrister Tony Kimmins began his closing statements on Monday afternoon by saying that his client had 60 per cent hearing loss and bad knees.

Mr Kimmins also argued that Mr Spencer did not know what was going to transpire that morning.

He is expected to continue his closing statements on Tuesday.