How to lose customers and punch a journalist

Young internet troll charged over Today Tonight assault

THE son of a former Split Enz member is quickly cementing his reputation as Australia's worst internet troll, and his antics are reportedly putting his father's career in jeopardy.

Tristan Barker has been charged by New Zealand police over an alleged assault of Today Tonight reporter David Eccleston.

When accused of "Utter disrespect and disgusting behaviour shown to vulnerable Australians", Today Tonight just shrugged.

ACCC launches legal action over door-to-door sales

THE competition watchdog has begun Federal Court action against an energy company and four sales and marketing companies over door-to-door selling practices.

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) alleges Energy Australia sales people and four marketing and sales companies it used made false, misleading or deceptive claims when they called on people at their homes to negotiate electricity and gas contracts. 

"Just turn the TV off and hide like you do when the Salvos come around," urged one consumer group.

Outrage at anti-gay attack on business

A BUSINESS which was targeted in a homophobic Facebook rant by a competing firm's page has been swamped with support from the community and social media users.

An online storm erupted when a message attacking "poofs" at a Hatton Vale aquarium store was posted on the Facebook page of the Hatton Vale Nursery this week.

Freedom of speech advocates were quick to defend a person's right to verbally evict themselves from the community.

Robot Car UK set to rival Google's driverless-car project

THE search giant Google - and car manufacturers such as Audi, Toyota, GM, Ford, Mercedes and Volvo - has been experimenting with driverless-car technology since 2005, but Robot Car UK is the first tested in the UK.

The car learns routes from the driver and is eventually able to take over on regular journeys, such as the commute to work or the school run.

Now that the company has taken the only fun bit of driving away, they plan on crashing birthdays and stealing Christmas.

Scrapping carbon tax would save 10% on power bills: AIG

AUSTRALIAN Industry Group chief executive Innes Willox has called for the immediate removal of the fixed price on carbon emissions, which currently sits at $23 per tonne, claiming it was "way too high" and imposed an "uncompetitive burden" on Australian industry, and jumping straight to emissions trading.

"At the same time, the alternative approach from the opposition would only permit domestic abatement without international linkage and, even on the most optimistic assumptions, would see abatement prices more than double international levels," he said.

Betfair has placed the odds of anyone noticing the AIG's criticism of the coalition's policy at 300 to 1.