How long to wait before restrictions lifted

Townsville must wait 28 days before restrictions could theoretically be lifted, the Queensland Chief Health Officer has said.

Yesterday, Townsville business leaders, politicians and doctors again called for regional zones to be put in to minimise the impact of the strict coronavirus lockdown on the economy.

While the last case was reported in Townsville on April 8, Dr Jeannette Young said there was more to the problem.



"The incubation period for this virus is actually 14 days and you probably need to allow for two incubation periods before you can safely say that you're not going to get more cases which is why our National Cabinet is looking at what restrictions can be lifted in that four week period because that's two incubation periods," she said.

"That's the case for the whole country that we really need to look at two incubation periods before we can safely remove any of the restrictions."

Originally published as How long to wait before restrictions lifted