How to keep your cool as heatwave hits

PARAMEDICS are urging people to keep their cool as unseasonably hot conditions sweep the region.

Toowoomba Ambulance senior operations supervisor Glen Barron urged parents to pay particular attention to babies and young children, and all residents to check in on elderly neighbours, as temperatures soar across the Darling Downs.

Hydration remained the best way to avoid heat stress, as well as not over-indulging in alcohol, or coffee and tea.

"Because it's a prolonged event, more people are at risk," Mr Barron said.

"It's the young and elderly who are most at risk, but it's important to remember that heat-type illnesses develop over a day or two."

Mr Barron said by following a number of steps residents could limit their risk of heat exposure in the coming days.

"The usual preventative measures are to make sure people drink water and keep activity to a minimum in the hottest part of the day," he said.

"It's early in the season and we anticipate these things becoming more frequent, so we just ask people to get better at making their homes cooler.

"It's more so in recent years that homes are often locked up but we ask people to open their doors and windows, or use air-conditioning where possible, or turn on ceiling fans.

"If that's not possible, go to an air-conditioned shopping centre or the cinemas."

Mr Barron said babies and young children should be closely monitored as they were unable to regulate their own temperatures, and avoid sugary drinks which could dehydrate young children.

Prescribed medicines should be taken as directed.

"What we do see is a number of illnesses which are otherwise compounded by the heat," he said.

"We ask people to give us a call on 000, get the person to sit down or lie down with a sheet soaked with tap water, and turn the person on their side. We've got enough staff to manage any issue that comes up.

"We'd ask all people to be more involved with their neighbours, and ask if they are okay."