Ipswich residents have earned more than $10 million through Containers for Change.
Ipswich residents have earned more than $10 million through Containers for Change.

How Ipswich residents made $10 million in just 18 months

IPSWICH residents have cashed in to the tune of more than $10 million through Containers for Change in the past 18 months.

Since the recycling program launched at the end of 2018, 106,226,286 containers have been exchanged for 10 cents apiece.

To date, $10,595,272.90 has been paid to individuals and $27,355.70 to registered charities and community groups.

COVID-19 hasn't stopped locals from cashing in with Ipswich recognised as one of the fastest growing regions in the state.

There was a 66.95 per cent increase in the number of containers exchanged in May, compared to May last year.

Across Queensland, that rise was only 22.67 per cent.

Containers for Change spokesman Adam Nicholson said Ipswich has really taken to the scheme.

"Ipswich has been one of the fastest growing regions on the Containers for Change network for some time and the COVID-19 restrictions haven't dampened the enthusiasm," he said.

"March 2020 volumes in Ipswich were nearly double the March 2019 volumes and they still grew by more than a third during the height of the COVID-19 restrictions in April.

"Containers for Change implemented a range of contactless options, such as bag drops, right across the state and we saw overall volumes rise again as some of the restrictions.

"The Ipswich region recycled nearly three million more containers in May this year than in May last year, or about 67%, which is even more remarkable considering there was virtually no commercial volume coming from pubs, clubs, stadiums and other events during that time."

Mr Nicholson said bag drops in current circumstances have proven very popular with customers and operators.

"Many customers signed up for a SchemeID to access the 'contactless' nature of the bag drops but many have said they will keep using them in future simply because of the convenience factor," he said.

"Customers with a SchemeID just drop off their bag so their containers can be counted and their money deposited straight into the nominated bank account."