Lindsay Woods
Lindsay Woods

How Ipswich goalkeeper got his Owl nickname


IPSWICH hockey goalkeeper Lindsay "Woodsyowl'' Woods earnt his nickname from a former Queensland teammate when he first made the senior side.

Possum Reid had an old VW beetle at the Australian Institute of Sport with a sticker on the back about anti-pollution. The sticker had a picture of an owl on it with a heading Woodsyowl Says Give a Hoot Don't Pollute. The nickname stuck.

Woods shares other career reflections in today's sporting great of the past profile.

Hockey achievements: Highest level within Australia - Queensland senior side or National Hockey League level for 12 years straight (twice national champions, three times national champions runner-up); fortunate enough to travel and play with National and AIS teams in many countries like Malaysia, Korea, New Zealand, England, Holland, Spain, Belgium and Argentina. Member of the Australian Kookaburras senior side with 26 Tests culminating in the 1994 World Cup in Sydney (winning a bronze medal).


Lindsay Woods.
Lindsay Woods.

Frustrations: Missing out on playing at the Olympics after being in two Olympic squads only to be the last keeper cut from the squads of both occasions. You know you are getting close when you get measured up for sizes for Olympic playing uniforms, tracksuits and opening ceremony attires).

Why got into hockey: Through my sister and brothers who all played at A-Grade level. With a age difference of more the 10 years to eldest sibling, they were all playing at a high standard (Ipswich and state rep sides) by the time I was able to appreciate what they had achieved. My training sessions with me at one end of our yard at Tivoli and my brothers at the other end bashing hockey balls at me to see how many shots I could stop certainly helped bring my game along. This made me think if you are good enough you are old enough, which helped me gain confidence in my game to progress to A Grade at the age of 16.

Valuable support: My family gave me support in every step of my life, whether it be hockey, cricket, football, baseball or swimming. My parents always found a way to pay for my trips away when I was young, which often included a last minute win at the races or bingo by my father John. His willingness to help fundraise with all sports surely went some way to improve his luck when we really need it. My mother Alethea made sure I got to every training session, every game. I appreciate her support and guidance, especially after the loss of my dad from a heart attack when I was 17. At that age without her and sport in my life, things could have taken a drastically different course.

Favourite teammate: I was fortunate to play with so many great players and people throughout my playing career so it is impossible for me to choose one. But for one year in Ipswich A Grade, I was lucky enough to play in a Bremer team with both of my brothers which took me back to where it all began.

Favourite coach: Barry Dancer. I was lucky to be coached by Barry for Ipswich, Queensland U21's, Qld and the Australian Institute of Sport. His influence and leadership was intertwined throughout my hockey career.

What love about the sport: Hockey was a big part of my life but I love all sports. Whether participating or watching, the challenges you or your team have to overcome, the teammates you rely on to succeed but most of all the people or fellow supporters that you get to celebrate with when your team wins.

Do you follow hockey today: I enjoy the sport when I can. The game has evolved from rule changes and generations of playing on artificial surfaces into a faster more skilful version of what I once played. I would say that I would have to be a lot fitter to play in today's version of the sport.

What are you doing these days: I work for New Hope Group at one of their coal mines on the Darling Downs. I have been fortunate enough to work for New Hope for the past 23 years, 18 of those at the New Acland site on the coal processing plant, living in Hampton north of Toowoomba with my wife Charmaine. We still enjoy watching and following any sport that I can.

Advice to juniors: Love the game you play. Cherish the wins you have along the way and know you can't do it all yourself all the time. Get help when you need it, whether it be from teammates, coaches, parents or friends.

Quick thoughts

POSITIVES: 1. Huge congratulations to Ipswich/Logan Hornets player Ellie Johnston who has received a Queensland Fire contract. Hard work and commitment pays off.

2. Port Adelaide have hit the ground running after the restart and now firmly sit on top of the ladder after another great victory last week.

Negatives: 1. Novak Djokovic might be the world's number one tennis player but he got it terribly wrong by hosting a tennis event recently. He and three other players contracted the coronavirus. He has been copping it from fellow players and rightly so.

2. I am no netball expert but by the social media backlash from players and officials, the new two-point shot in the final five minutes of each quarter has not gone down well. Talking to some experienced players before bringing in the rule may have been a good path to go down.

Sporting birthdays: 1. 1911 - Babe Didrikson Zaharias (champion American all-round athlete who won 10 LPGA major titles and two Olympic gold medals).

2. 1971 - Max Biaggi (Italian motorcycle racer who won several major races).

3. 1971 - Jai Taurima (Aussie long jumper who won silver at the 2000 Olympics).

On this day: 1. 1972 - Bob Massie takes 16 wickets making his Test debut against England with figures of 8/84 and 8/53.

2. 2003 - LeBron James is taken as pick No 1 by the Cleveland Cavaliers.

3. 2014 - Luis Suarez is expelled from the 2014 FIFA World Cup for his biting incident.