How to hate fat and drop rocks on people

Clothing label accused of only wanting 'thin, beautiful people'

Abercrombie & Fitch CEO Mike Jeffries "doesn't want his core customers to see people who aren't as hot as them wearing his clothing."

The company's policy of not clothing large people ran into trouble when ugly but skinny people started shopping at A&F.

A&F's Director of Master Race Shopping plans to solve the problem by introducing George Clooney's DNA into US water supplies.

Son's iPad game 'gems' leave mum with $1000 headache

Six-year-old Malakhai Colbran has cost his mother $1000 in surprise in-app purchases through his favourite iPad game.

The game took payment from Ms Colbran's bank account instead of the gift-card she'd given her son.

A friend of Malakhai's caused similar problems when his mum gave him the car keys and a kilo of cocaine.

Mining companies argue over liability for injured worker

Mining companies BM Alliance and John Holland are fighting over liability for an injured worker buried under rubble.

The worker suffered head and spinal injuries as well as multiple broken bones.

Three lawyers barely escaped injury after being buried under all the money they're making out of the case.

Unemployment rate shows 'trend growth' in labour force

Australia's unemployment rate has fallen to record lows despite doomsday rhetoric from the coalition.

Both Federal Labor and State LNP Governments have tried to take credit for the increased employment.

State Treasurer Tim Nicholls did his claim no favours when he used the wrong statistic to try prove his point.

Download TV show in 16 seconds: Simulator compares plans

A Coalition voter has made a website demonstrating the superiority of Labor's NBN plans.

The site allows people to see exactly how much faster the Labor NBN is than the Coalition plan.

While the Labor NBN downloads in seconds, the Coalition's fires you.