How to fail at mining and drink beer

LNG companies reject allegations made on Four Corners

LNG companies have rejected claims from a Four Corners whistleblower report that mining approvals were rushed beyond the point of being legal.

900 pages of FOI documents point to several instances where usual procedures were not followed.

Premier Newman is expected to comment once he chooses between backing miners or rubbishing the former Labor government.

CSG firms snap up top public servants with links to Premier

In good news for job creation, LNG companies are heavy employers of public servants who previously worked on mining approvals.

Four senior bureaucrats with links to Campbell Newman have survived the public sector job cuts to find work with Santos GLNG.

A Government source indicated that this is part of the LNP's commitment to fix the previous government's blunders in employment and mining approvals.

Simon Crean's comments reflect 'panic' over superannuation

Association of Super Funds of Australia CEO Pauline Vamos has said people are "very, very scared" of Labor's proposed changes to superannuation.

Dumped MP Simon Crean has also attacked the plan saying he wouldn't support any plan to retrospectively tax people's superannuation.

Banking analysts have admitted to surprise that anyone has enough super to be taxed after the GFC.

At Youi, we get you ... an umbrella

When Youi insurance told Thomas Orpin his insurance wouldn't cover flood damage to his home, he asked them to send the paperwork for him to check.

Instead of complying with his request, Youi staff sent him an umbrella.

Legal experts have confirmed that umbrellas will only cover you from rain damage.

Visa laying down its credit fee law

Visa has put its foot down to end the practice of businesses inflating credit card charges to pad out their margins.

The move aims to end profiteering from the 'big end of town' to help small businesses compete.

No word yet on the practice of having minimum purchases for card purchases.

Qld beer loses top spot as VB regains market dominance

Queensland's XXXX beer has lost its spot as the highest selling beer in Australia to VB.

Nielson's latest stats show that VB pips XXXX by 0.3% of the market.

A wine industry spokesperson questioned why anyone would be proud of leading the beer market.

Katter seeks to slash prices on land values in mining towns

Federal member for Kennedy Bob Katter has unveiled a brave new plan to reduce land prices in mining towns.

Katter plans to reduce land prices to around $25,000 by using prefrabricated homes and opening up more land for development.

His comments also included blaming 'coastal wives', 'greenies' and 'the local blue heeler dog' for the high prices.