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How to download the Internet and win at brothels

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Woman sacked for tweeting picture of men making sexist jokes

A WOMAN who tweeted a photo of two men making sexist jokes at a US conference for computer developers has been sacked.

Far from condemning the sexist behavior, the Internet lashed out and her employer fired her because her "actions have strongly divided the same community she was supposed to unite."

Tech industry groups are seeking legislative protection for sexists on the grounds that misogynists have very few industries left to ruin.

Monash scientists future-proof the NBN

Monash University researchers have discovered a way of pushing fibre-optics far beyond any previously expected capacity, drastically improving the future-proofing of the NBN.

Experiments show the new technique allows for 10 terabit per second transfers over 850km: faster than current technology in the same way lasers are faster than carrier pigeons.

Proponents of the Opposition's wireless broadband solution were contacted for comment but have not yet answered their smoke signals.

Consumer group endorses bypassing online geo-blocks

Consumer group Choice has encouraged consumers to hack through the geo-blocking software many gadgets use to prevent Australians having access to cheaper overseas prices.

The advice comes as Apple, Microsoft and Adobe make excuses to a government inquiry as to why it's not their fault collections of ones and zeros cost more in Australia than anywhere else.

Cypriots hit with one-off 20% tax on savings over $100k

Cyprus has made a deal with the EU/IMF/ECB Troika to give it access to a 10 billion Euro bailout, saving the country from bankruptcy.

The deal involves a progressive levy on savings accounts over 100,000 Euros and shifting the country's major bank's bad debts into a new bank and pretending they've fixed the underlying problem.

IMF sources downplayed speculation that the huge sums of Russian money in Cyprus played a part in the deal, saying that the money was "just waiting for a mate."

Investors sure to get bang for their buck at brothel auction

A Tweed brothel with a history of intrigue and profitability is going up for auction.

Lacey's Club Lace Bordello was previously owned by now-bankrupt milk mogul Ken Lacey and sports a potential rent income of $180,000 a year.

Originally purchased as an inheritance for Lacey's sons, the bankrupt businessman decided to sell after both his children decided to take up careers in prison.