I'm putting this here because it's why 90% of you are reading my column.
I'm putting this here because it's why 90% of you are reading my column. Independent News & Media

How to downgrade Greece and get Kate Moss naked

Nine reasons you should care about NSA's PRISM surveillance

Ex-CIA employee Edward Snowden has blown the lid on a surveillance scheme targeting everyone in the US.

Government spokespeople have defended the scheme, known as PRISM, saying people with nothing to hide have nothing to fear.

People with nothing to hide can send their credit card details and PIN to me at

New app lets you share a kiss using your phone

Burberry and Google have collaborated to release an app for people to share a kiss over the phone.Users kiss their screen which then captures an impression of their lips before sending it to the recipient.

Google has denied encouraging cyber-sex, pointing out that phones have been able to vibrate for years.

Sun rises on St Tropez's profits after nude Kate Moss pics

Nude pictures of Kate Moss have saved fake tan maker St Tropez from financial oblivion.

Moss's nude pics have grown sales despite the campaign launching during the Northern Winter.

Campaign production was slow at first after difficulties moving Moss to a location where white powder wasn't falling from the sky.

Greece downgraded to 'emerging-market'

The economic contagion has finally pushed Greece down to 'emerging market' territory
Index provider MSCI made the call after structural improvement failed to lift the Greek Market.

Reports of a large, wooden horse outside the MSCI headquarters remain pure speculation.

Intersex Aussies will now be officially known as gender 'X'

The Commonwealth Government has changed its guidelines to add intersex as an official gender.

Businesses are advised to ensure they follow suit, with gender becoming a more nuanced issue in markets.

Opponents to the change were unable to comment by deadline due to the five-hundred year time difference.