Would this little robot really take your job and exterminate humanity? Probably not.
Would this little robot really take your job and exterminate humanity? Probably not. Contributed

How to bully coworkers and annihilate mankind

QBuild merger puts 900 tradesmen in the unemployment line

THE merger of QBuild and Project Services will result in a reduction of around 900 positions in both companies' workforce.

Former Housing and Public Works Minister Dr Bruce Flegg said the decision to merge the two businesses into a single commercialised unit would save taxpayers around $120 million a year and reduce duplication of effort.

State Government economists remain baffled as to why demand in the QLD economy is shrinking.

Robots could be rolled out on Australian mine sites

A FLEET of robots being developed in the United States could soon be roving throughout mine sites in Australia, able to safely explore deep into underground mines.

A five-year deal struck between the American Carnegie Mellon University and Anglo American aims to build "Profiler" bots that will navigate dangerous subterranean areas.

A spokesrobot from the Mining Robots Union confirmed that their members "have no plans to annihilate the human race."

Most expensive place claim is "absolute bull": Agents

A GLOBAL survey has found Coffs Harbour is one of the most expensive places in the world to buy property.

Long established local real estate agent Barry Booth from First National described the finding as "absolute bull"

Demographia, the group behind the survey, on hearing that a local real estate agent disagreed with their findings, put away their painstakingly reviewed observations and concluded that they must be wrong or something.

Australian Chamber of Commerce calls for further rate relief

THE peak body for Australian business and industry has called for more interest rate cuts, despite the nation's cash rate already at historically low levels.

Chief economist Greg Evans cited further deterioration of business confidence during December, with some indicators falling to 15-year lows.

When asked if the low business confidence figures could be linked to mass layoffs hurting demand, an unnamed spokesman yelled "Interest rates!" and ran off into the sunset.

Facebook search feature flagged as dangerous

FEDERAL and state authorities have warned a new Facebook search mechanism could open new doors for would-be predators on social media sites.

The new service has also been used to find people who have 'liked' sexist, racist, and other questionable facebook pages.

The Queensland Police Service and Australian Federal Police flagged the dangers of searching people based on their personalities.

Small players mean big business ... globally

DO YOU have a business with overseas customers and are willing to share some of your online tactics for international success?

A QUT researcher has launched a national survey into small to medium enterprises (SMEs) and is keen to hear from businesses with up to 200 employees who have delved into the international market.

Those businesses who would prefer not to share commercial insights publicly are encouraged to sit in the naughty corner for not playing nice with the other children.

Call for government regulation of supermarket giants

RESPECTED Rockhampton businessman Doug Webber has hit out at the big supermarkets Coles and Woolies, saying they are putting smaller stores out of action.

Mr Webber said supermarket giants Woolworths and Coles were dominating the Rockhampton landscape, creating unhealthy competition among smaller, local food outlets.

Survey shows bullying takes the biggest toll at work

NO LONGER is the nine-to-five daily grind taking the biggest toll on Queensland workers' stress levels - it's behind-the-scenes bullying and harassment.

A recent survey by Queensland law firm Trilby Misso found 50% of respondents felt bullying was the biggest concern at their workplace.

QBE denies plans to sack hundreds of workers

ONE of the largest insurance firms operating in Australia had no plans to sack hundreds of workers, a spokeswoman for QBE said today.

Despite the company searching for a reduction in annual operating costs of more than $200 million in coming years, a spokeswoman said it would not be found in job cuts.

When asked how QBE planned to be the first company in the history of western civilisation to cut costs without laying anybody off, a staffer wiggled his fingers and said "Magic!"