Hot nights ahead before Ipswich cools down

MORE hot nights are on the way for Ipswich.

Last night only just dropped below 20C about 4.30am.

When most residents were heading to bed, it was still 25C after a hot day with a maximum of almost 33C.

If you felt uncomfortable trying to sleep be prepared for a few more nights tossing and turning.

Today will hit a top of 31C but tonight isn't expected to be much cooler than last night.

Temperatures are expected to begin falling heading into the weekend with a top of 27C expected for Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

Overnight temperatures will drop below 18C making for a more comfortable night's sleep.

There's also the chance of showers this weekend but Ipswich is likely to see some showers through the week too.

On Wednesday and Thursday there's a 70% chance of showers and the UV index rating is extreme, so whether it's overcast or not sunburn is a risk.