Wet Weather
Wet Weather

Hot and stormy: Humidity persists after rain

QUEENSLANDERS will swelter for the rest of the week, with high temperatures through the night and storms bringing humid conditions to the southeast.

The Bureau of Meteorology is warning of possible severe heatwave conditions from north Queensland to the south coast of NSW through to the weekend.

"We had a warm night Monday night in southeast Queensland, with Brisbane feeling like the temperature was above 30C overnight," BoM forecaster Rosa Hoff said.

"This was due to a higher atmospheric moisture content … a ridge of high pressure over the Coral Sea is driving some northerly winds which is bringing in some tropical, warm and moist air.

"We're continuing to forecast some muggy and quite ­uncomfortable conditions for southeast Queensland, and ­indeed much of the eastern coastal fringe this week, as that ridge continues to drive moisture inland."

Despite forecast thunderstorms and showers, there will be little reprieve from the heat, with temperatures expected to remain up to the mid 30s.



"As we step forward into the week, we'll be seeing some scattered to widespread thunderstorms activity spreading westward following to motion of a surface trough," Ms Hoff said.

"The warm overnight temperatures will really be fuelling some of the weather we'll be feeling.

"Inland we'll see temperatures about four to seven degrees above average.

"It's likely that if we're directly under a thunderstorm, we could see a quick reduction in temperatures, however that reduction wouldn't be long-lived and would soon be superseded by the prevalent condition."

Ms Hoff said a ridge lying over the Coral Sea was also bringing tropical air, making conditions more humid and warm.

Residents faced severe thunderstorms for the second day in a row yesterday, with the roof of one Toowoomba house torn off in a storm yesterday afternoon.

There was heavy rain and Energex reported up to 18,000 properties losing power, mainly in the Gold and Sunshine Coast and Somerset regions.