Hospital employee rushed to Nambour Emergency after coward’s punch
Hospital employee rushed to Nambour Emergency after coward’s punch Brett Wortman

Hospital employee coward punched after saying ‘good morning’

A NAMBOUR hospital employee is recovering from a “massive, random” coward’s punch to the face which left her in a pool of blood when walking to work on Friday morning.

All Annette Linwood said to her attacker before the vicious assault was “good morning”.

“I was walking to work (up Waterfall Rd) when I saw her walking towards me. I like to say ‘good morning’ to people so I said it to her.

“She said to me ‘so you think it’s a good morning? Take this...’

“It was like a Hercules punch.”

The 55-year-old was knocked over and fell onto a parked car, hitting her head. She was rushed to Nambour’s Emergency Department where she received stitches and was assessed.

She’s back home, nursing her wounds and recovering from the shock of being hurt while walking to work.

“Words can’t express how that felt and the shock,” she said.

Mostly, she wished to thank the amazing team of individuals who “helped make my unenviable experience easier to bear”.

This included a neighbour in the street who held her hand, and fellow Queensland Health employees who were also walking to work when the incident happened.

“I was treated so kindly by the ambulance officers, police officers and the emergency department team,” she said.

“All I can say is wow, humanity is a wonderful thing when someone suffers and how people come together to support another.”

Parking around Nambour Hospital for hospital employees and patients has been an issue for decades.

Ms Linwood said she had to park her car in an area around the hospital to get to work and didn’t mind the “bit of exercise”.

While this had left her shocked, injured and shaken, she wasn’t going to allow it to rob her of her joy.

“I’m not going to let something like this affect me,” she said.

“As awful as it is, this woman needs help.”

A police spokesman said the suspect “has been identified but is yet to be located”.

“No charges have been laid. Police investigations are continuing.”

The spokesman said the incident occurred at 7.15am when the victim was walking to work. The incident was “unprovoked and a random assault” as the suspect and victim were not known to each other.

Sunshine Coast Hospital and Health Service chief executive Kevin Hegarty said while it was concerning, it was an “isolated incident”.

“This incident occurred in broad daylight in a community setting, a block or so from the hospital,” he said.

“All members of the community, including our staff, are entitled to go about their daily routines without the threat of unprovoked attack.

“We take the security and safety of staff very seriously. We have an in-house security presence 24/7 at Nambour General Hospital.

“These security officers are also available to escort our staff to their cars.

“On-site discounted parking is also available in the multi-level car park for evening/night staff which ensures an undercover link from the car park to the main hospital building.”

Ms Linwood was concerned assaults were becoming more common as last month her daughter’s boyfriend was randomly assaulted at the University of Sunshine Coast campus.

Christopher Biddle was attacked in April when walking home in the dark by someone who was after his mobile phone.