Horror moment mum saw kids run over by Uber


A Brisbane mother has revealed the horrific moment an Uber driver ploughed into her two young daughters as they crossed the road after school, sending one girl careening over the bonnet and throwing her little sister into a gutter.

The mum could do nothing but watch on as her two primary school-aged daughters were mowed down on the pedestrian crossing near their school, leaving them with serious injuries and psychological trauma.

The family, who cannot be identified to protect the children who are victims of crime, are today speaking out about the ordeal in the hope safety measures at the notoriously dangerous crossing will be upgraded.

Pareshkumar Premshankar Dixit, the 32-year-old Uber driver responsible for the crash pleaded guilty to a charge of driving without due care and attention in the Brisbane Magistrates Court this week.

He was fined $650 and his licence was disqualified for two months but he received no conviction over the crash near the intersection of Riding Road and Pashen Street at Morningside in August last year.

The two sisters, then aged 10 and 12, were walking across the pedestrian crossing to join their mum when the Uber driver smashed into them.

"It was horrific, absolutely horrible," the mum said.

"I'm still having counselling for PTSD as well because I'm really struggling with letting them go, they know I trust them completely but other people make me really nervous."




The girls at the scene of the crossing. Picture: Image/Josh Woning
The girls at the scene of the crossing. Picture: Image/Josh Woning

The court this week heard the driver didn't brake until after he had collided with the girls.

The eldest of the two girls was sent flying over the car's bonnet and spent almost a week in hospital with a fractured skull and bleeding on the brain.

Her little sister was struck by the car's mirror and was knocked into a gutter leaving her covered in scrapes and bruises and with lasting emotional trauma.

"(The youngest) is still emotionally triggered and still in counselling, she's a bit overly cautious and nervous around traffic now and still having the odd nightmares," the mum said.

"It took us about six months to get her to sleep through the night without having nightmares."

She said the eldest girl who started high school this year was knocked unconscious and remembered little from the collision but her little sister who dragged herself to her sister's side on the road struggled.

"We have only been in Brisbane a couple of years and I had just started to let the girls have a bit more freedom," she said.

"A month prior I'd started allowing them to meet me at the Hawthorn Park after school to give them that little bit of freedom."

The mum said she was "disappointed" the driver was only hit with a fine and small disqualification period.

She said she had just started a new job the week before but then spent months taking the girls to doctor and specialist appointments.

"It's really disappointing," she said.

"The court system doesn't see all that and this is something people should be deterred from.

"A two month licence suspension seems a bit ridiculous."

Pareshkumar Premshankar Dixit leaving Brisbane Magistrates Court. Picture: Tara Croser.
Pareshkumar Premshankar Dixit leaving Brisbane Magistrates Court. Picture: Tara Croser.


Morningside Councillor and Deputy Opposition Leader Kara Cook said the community had been lobbying for the notorious intersection to be upgraded for 10 years and the mother said she hoped something would be done.

"I think it needs traffic lights," she said.

"I would plead with the Lord Mayor to have a really good look at it and do something.

"I would hate for this to happen to another family."

A council spokesman said the driver of the vehicle had admitted he was at fault for the "tragic crash" but said "we continue to work on safety in the area".

"On 5 September, 2019 the speed limit on the road was reduced by 10km/h and flashing LED signage at the pedestrian crossing has also been installed to make the intersection safer, the spokesman said.

"Upgrading the intersection is also being considered for future funding."












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