Horrified mother witnesses babies' ashes thrown by angry dad

ANGER, drug use, and not dealing with grief, caused a young Ipswich to grab an urn holding the ashes of his babies and smash it through a car windscreen.

The distressed mother watched on horrified while he also threw pot plants from off a deck onto her parked car.

The violence and worrying facts were heard in Ipswich Magistrates Court when the 24-year-old dad from Brassall pleaded guilty to dangerously operating/interfering with a vehicle; possession of dangerous drugs and drug utensils; contravening a domestic violence order - aggravated; three counts of doing wilful damage - domestic violence offence on May 30; and being a pedestrian did cause an obstruction at Newstead in Brisbane on June 5.

Prosecutor Senior Constable Bernard Elmore said the three wilful damage charges were domestic violence related and the man's disgraceful conduct showed an appalling lack of respect for court orders.

The man was no stranger to appearing on domestic violence offences, the court heard.

Snr Const Elmore tended the facts and sentence for November 2016 offences including dangerous driving. He was disqualified from driving for three years.

Snr Const Elmore said on May 30 this year, a woman dialled triple-0, and sought refuge out on the street holding a baby waiting for police to arrive.

"She was extremely upset as most of the objects thrown at the car were made up of (memorial) items of her still-born twins, the urn, other paraphernalia," he said.

The former boyfriend demanded woman's car keys, threatening to smash her car after drinking copious amounts of alcohol, the court heard.

Snr Const Elmore said the dangerous operation of a motor vehicle was the most serious offence in the matters now before the court.

The facts of that charge relate to the man telling a woman to get into a car or he would drive through the front fence.

He damaged two cars and a paling fence.

On June 5 the man was reported standing on road in Newstead near a loading bay at Gasworks shopping centre kicking his shoes in front of cars while "making gun gestures" and blocking traffic.

Defence lawyer Yassar Khan said the jail sentence range was between six and 12 months for the dangerous driving charge, and to take into account the 56 days already spent in custody.

He said the man was still young and it was clear substance abuse and anger issues played a role in his behaviour.

There had been events in his life that could be seen as a catalyst with the man not having the skills to cope with the underlying issues, the court heard.

At the time the man was emotionally going downhill.

"The dangerous operation is serious but was done at slow speed, hitting vehicles, a fence and there had been no real danger," Mr Khan said.

Magistrate Kurt Fowler said what occurred did suggest some deliberate conduct.

Mr Khan said the man relapsed back into the use of methylamphetamine afterwards and while in custody suffered an injury to his hand.

When released he intends to have surgery and finish his training as a diesel fitter.

Mr Fowler told the man he must understand with his offending history and age he was losing the benefit of arguing youth.

And if he kept offending the time spent in jail would become more substantial.

"No, I'd expect that," the man said.

He was sentenced to nine months jail for dangerous driving; three months jail for contravening the protection orders; with one month jail terms for each of the wilful damage offences.

Having been held in custody since June 6 he was granted immediate parole.

The man was fined $500 for the drug offences, and convicted only of the pedestrian offence.

His driver's licence disqualified 12 months.