Corbyn refuse to apologise in car-crash interview


UNDER-FIRE Jeremy Corbyn refused four times to apologise for his failure to tackle anti-Semitism tonight in a brutal car-crash interview.

The UK Labour boss was ripped apart by BBC political rottweiler Andrew Neil for his woeful record on kicking Jew haters out of his party, hours after the Chief Rabbi plunged his campaign into crisis with a devastating attack on his leadership.

The leftie leader refused at least four times to say sorry in the excruciating 30-minute interview, and repeatedly tried to dodge questions on whether he'd done enough to tackle anti-Jew hate.

Neil demanded that he apologise, but a tetchy Mr Corbyn tried to dodge it and talk about other forms of racism instead.

"Wouldn't you like to take this opportunity tonight to apologise to the British Jewish community for what's happened?" the BBC interviewer asked.

"So, no apology?

"No apology for how you've handled this?

"I'll try one more time … no apology?"

The veteran broadcaster said that viewers would "make up their own minds" on whether he had done enough to tackle such hatred.

Mr Corbyn insisted that "racism in our society is a total poison, be it Islamophobia, anti-Semitism, or any other form of racism".

"That is what my whole life has been about," he snapped back, claiming he has put in a place a stronger process for weeding out racists.

He was forced to deny that anti-Semitism had increased under his leadership.

Elsewhere in the damning broadcast clash:

• He refused repeatedly to say whether it was anti-Semitic to say that "Rothschild Zionists run Israel" - as a Labour member did but was not suspended

• Mr Corbyn defended his decision to stay neutral in a future Brexit referendum - saying it would make him an "honest broker" in the vote

• He was pressed to admit that ordinary married Brits on low incomes would face extra taxes under his government

• And he was grilled on where "Corbyn's credit card has a limit" with his £83 billion ($157 billion) fantasy borrowing promises

The leftie boss couldn't get out of the interview quick enough, tearing off his mic and setting it on the floor as the credits rolled.




On Brexit, Mr Neil tried to push Mr Corbyn on why he was staying on the fence on the "greatest peacetime issue that's faced this country for 70 years", but he again didn't have an answer.

"I will be the honest broker that will make sure that the referendum is fair and make sure that the leave deal is a credible one and the remain option is alongside it," he claimed.

And Neil forced Mr Corbyn into admitting that taxes will go up for Brits on modest incomes - not just the super rich.

Everyone would be stripped of the £250 marriage allowance under a Labour government, Neil insisted.

The Labour boss said that everyone would benefit from better public services.

"The whole purpose behind our manifesto is to recognise that we have to do something about the underfunding of our public services and the poverty and inequality that austerity has brought to this country," he said.

On the Labour leader's huge plans to spend billions of pounds extra, Neil joked, "You intend to borrow hundreds of billions for investment. You're going to borrow … a couple of hundred million more for nationalisation. You're going to borrow billions for the green deal. Borrow, borrow. Is there no limit to what can go on the Corbyn credit card?"

Mr Corbyn was put under pressure on whether he would order the killings of terror bosses to keep Britain safe.

He floundered and would only reply, "I will take the appropriate decision at the appropriate time with all the information."

And he sparked fury again by saying that the West was part of the problem, saying "they didn't get their arms from nowhere".

"I think we also have to look at how we've created these dangers as well," he said.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has blasted him as "naive and dangerous" for saying the Islamic State chief Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi should have been arrested and not killed.

TV host Piers Morgan said the interview was "brilliant" and Andrew Neil "absolutely skewered" the Labour boss.

"No wonder Corbyn ducks most tough interviewers - he has no answers to tough questions," he said.

Former Labour MP Mike Gapes said, "Corbyn does not apologise. Period. In his eyes he is never wrong. He cannot admit error. He is incapable of apology. Particularly to the Jewish community. He is unfit to be Leader of the Labour Party. He must never be Prime Minister of our country."

And former Labour minister Chris Leslie said, "What a tragedy for the whole country that the once-great Labour Party has ended up in this state. Those of us who took a stand tried to prevent this very situation. Such a shame that those who 'stayed' never actually had the fight to do anything about it."

Conservative MP Michael Gove said, "Jeremy Corbyn won't be straight with the British people. He won't apologise for his failure to stamp out racism in his party. He can't say whether he backs leave or remain in his own second referendum. He can't answer how he would pay for his fantasy plans for the country or how he'd keep Britain safe."

He added, "All that's on offer from prime ditherer Corbyn is more Brexit delay, the chaos of another two referendums and lasting damage to our economy - leaving hardworking taxpayers to foot the bill."

Mr Corbyn's BBC interview was so torrid that Corbynistas in Labour activists' WhatsApp groups were urged to flood social media to drown it out on social media.

"Jeremy has prerecorded the Andrew Neil interview already and apparently it's truly horrific. Like awful," a message said.

"Ten mins purely on AS (anti-Semitism). JC refused to apologise to the Rabbi so it's going to be brutal."

It urged his supporters to push Labour's policies to hand more cash to the NHS and Sure Start centres instead to flood Twitter with positive messages.



Mr Corbyn's election campaign was rocked after Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis said most British Jews are "gripped by anxiety" by the ideas of a Corbyn government.

In an unprecedented intervention in an election, he said voters must examine their consciences when deciding how to vote on December 12.

The Archbishop of Canterbury, the Hindu Council and Muslim Council of Britain all issued statements in support of the Chief Rabbi.

Mr Ephraim was subjected to vile online abuse after daring to speak out - with one troll branding him a "sewer rat".

Mr Corbyn desperately tried to fend off the onslaught of attacks on his failure to tackle anti-Semitism at today's anti-racism manifesto launch.

But the event in Tottenham, north London, descended into farce as he was mobbed outside by Jewish protesters who furiously accused him of being a racist.

And he sparked fresh controversy by being flanked on stage at the event by Claudia Webbe and Apsana Begum - election candidates embroiled in anti-Semitism rows.

Labour has been dogged by anti-Semitism ever since Mr Corbyn became leader.

Jewish politicians Luciana Berger and Dame Louise Ellman have been hounded out of the party by anti-Semitic bullying.

And the Equality and Human Rights Commission are investigating Labour over claims it is institutionally racist against Jews.

The far-right British National Party is the only other British party to have faced a similar investigation.


Andrew Neil is a feared BBC interviewer. Picture: Jeff Overs/BBC
Andrew Neil is a feared BBC interviewer. Picture: Jeff Overs/BBC



NEIL: Wouldn't you like to take this opportunity tonight to apologise to the British Jewish community for what's happened?

CORBYN: What I'll say is this. I am determined that our society will be safe for people of all faiths. I don't want anyone to be feeling insecure in our society - and our government will protect every community …

NEIL: So no apology?

CORBYN: … against the abuse they receive, on the streets, on the trains …

NEIL: So no apology for how you've handled this?

CORBYN: … or in any other form of life

NEIL: I'll try it one more time - will you apologise?

CORBYN: No hang on a minute Andrew, can I explain what we're trying to do?

NEIL: I asked you if you wanted to apologise and you haven't.

CORBYN: Andrew, I don't want anyone to go through what anyone has gone through.

NEIL: I was asking you about an apology, let's move on to Brexit

CORBYN: Can I just make it clear? Racism in our society is a total poison …

NEIL: You've said that several times.

CORBYN: … be it Islamophobia, anti-Semitism or any other form of racism. And I want to work with every community to make sure it's eliminated.

NEIL: You've made that clear and people will make up their own minds.


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