NOT TODAY: Brendon McCullum will not reprise his playing role for the Hornets this weekend.
NOT TODAY: Brendon McCullum will not reprise his playing role for the Hornets this weekend. Inga Williams

Hornets coach offers an update on NZ star

BUZZ through the week was the Hornets may have the big-hitting heroics of former New Zealand skipper Brendon McCullum on board for tomorrow's T20 clash with Gold Coast at Baxter Oval.

Unfortunately, coach Aaron Moore confirmed McCullum was unable to reprise his cameo role from 2016 at the Ipswich/Logan club.

"Bad news, he has a prior commitment,” Moore said of the Brisbane Heat opener.

"He won't be in Brisbane this weekend.”

The news comes as a definite blow to the Hornets' hitting prospects, and to fans anxious to catch a glimpse of one of the purest strikers of a cricket ball the Big Bash has seen.

However the show must go on, and the Hornets still have a job to do with or without McCullum's services.

The Hornets opened their T20 campaign with a dominant win over Chris Lynn and his Toombul side last Saturday, sandwiched between a "frustrating” first-up loss to Valleys and a close defeat to University on the Sunday.

"Saturday morning against Valleys was frustrating. We just weren't present,” Moore said.

"But the positive was the boys assessed that and changed things around quickly, and we came out against Toombul and completely dominated.”

After an early capitulation, Harry Wood steadied the Hornets' innings against University in a "mature” performance.

"It was just timely - a real mature innings from Harry,” Moore said.

"He got us back in the game, and then a couple of opening spells from Nick (de Giusti) and Adam (Smith) got us away to a good start (in the field).

"At one stage there I thought we had the advantage, but T20 cricket can change very quickly.”

With Bulls duo Max Bryant and Michael Nesser likely inclusions for Gold Coast tomorrow, Moore knows the Hornets will need to be at their best to head into the Christmas period riding a victory high.

"To go into Christmas two (wins) and two (losses) would be encouraging; it keeps you in the mix,” the coach said.

"There's some tired bodies around the place, especially with a lot of Saturday and Sunday cricket.

"(The break) will be good mentally for the players, to just forget about cricket for a bit.”