Ipswich Hornets fast bowler Adam Smith delivered one of his most successful spells in the latest Queensland Premier Grade clash with Toombul. Picture: Cordell Richardson
Ipswich Hornets fast bowler Adam Smith delivered one of his most successful spells in the latest Queensland Premier Grade clash with Toombul. Picture: Cordell Richardson

Hornets bowlers get in the swing, set up vital victory bid

IT'S always a positive sign when two bowlers working in tandem don't want to give up the ball.

That was the case for the Ipswich Hornets in their latest Queensland Premier Grade match against Toombul at Nundah.

Opening bowlers Adam Smith (3/48) and Harry Wood (3/40) capitalised on getting the ball to swing to help restrict the home side to just 213.

They bowled most of the first session together.

"You just couldn't get the ball out of their hands,'' head coach Aaron Moore said.

"The ball was swinging and bouncing so it was really good.''

Sean Lutter (1/29), Jack Wood (1/31), Dylan McAteer (1/23) and Bryn Llewellyn (1/16) chipped in complete the team's tidy performance.

"We bowled really well,'' Moore said.

"We probably didn't start straight out but as soon as we got back to that process of just back-to-back maidens, things just happened on a good cricket wicket actually.''

It was one of Wood's best spells having been rested from bowling in the earlier games.

"He found a bit of rhythm yesterday, which is great,'' the Hornets coach said.

Moore was particularly pleased for Smith who has worked hard in the off-season to reclaim his top grade spot following a stint with the Hornets Second Grade side.

"He's really found what works for him,'' Moore said.

Preparing to be wicketkeeper for the Hornets over-40 side playing Wests this morning, Moore said his first grade side was in a strong position being 1/27 at stumps.

"It's quite a small ground so you can score fairly quickly,'' Moore said.

Opener Levi Thomson-Matthews will resume on 18 with Llewellyn on nine when the match continues on Saturday.

The Hornets Second Grade side made a healthy 314 in their match against Toombul at Walker Oval.

Captain Nick De Giusti led the way with 72.

Valuable all-rounder Michael Topp made 50.

The Hornets over 40 side playing again this season are defending champions.

Moore joins stalwarts like Mick Sippel, David Richardson, Mark Sharrad, Matt James, Craig Mackay and Peter Wood in the team of cricket warriors enjoying the regular 35 over contests.

The Hornets over 40s beat Valleys in their first game of the new season.


Qld Premier Grades  Round 7

Ipswich Hornets v Toombul  at Nundah

Toombul 1st Innings

 H. McNeilly b Smith 17 (23)

N. McGill c Cross b H. Wood 11 (71)

O. West c Cross b Smith 11 (34)

P. White c Lutter b J. Wood 20 (91)

P. Susarla b H. Wood 4( 11)

T. Nicholson c Llewellyn b H. Wood 9 (14)

J. Blake c Cross b Smith 14 (24)

C. Knight lbw Lutter 6 (20)

R. McDonald lbw McAteer 18 (102)

P. Cotter b Llewellyn 68 (66)

R. Walker not out 4 (24)

Extras (9b 17lb 1w 4nb) 31

Total (79.2ov) 213

 FoW: 23, 45, 47, 55, 76, 97, 108, 115, 191, 213.

Bowling:  Adam Smith 20/9/48/3; Harry Wood 19/4/40/3; Sean Lutter 17/8/29/1; Jack Wood 9/2/31/1; Dylan McAteer 6.2/1/23/1; Bryn Llewellyn 8/2/16/1.

Hornets 1st Innings

Harry Austin c White b Knight 0 (5)

Levi Thomson-Mathews not out 18 (33)

Bryn Llewellyn not out 9 (16)

Extras 0

Total (9ov) 1/27

FoW: 0.

2nd Grade at Baxter Oval 

Hornets 1st Innings

Greg Carter b Case 33 (72)

Matt Andrews c Hart b Stockdale 0 (1)

Lachlan Prince c Hart b Balkin 5 (9)

Nick De Giusti c Tibbits  b Case 72 (161)

Noah Emerson c Hart b Asnicar 0 (13)

Michael Topp b Cranitch 50 (56)

Nick Bischoff b Cranitch 45 (57)

Will Trigar c Hart b Cranitch 27 (64)

Rowan Lutter c Cranitch b Asnicar 34 (70)

Jacob Waters c Young b Stockdale 24 (29)

Josh Creevey not out 4 (8)

Extras (3b 1lb 6w) 10

Total (92.3ov) 314  

FoW: 1, 7, 70, 73, 157, 179, 235, 244, 284, 314

Bowling: A. Stockdale 12/1/51/2; T. Balkin 16.1/1/47/1; R. Case 21/2/80/2; D. Cranitch 19.1/6/46/3; S. Asnicar 18.3/2/66/2 .

Women's Cricket

1st Grade at Walker Oval: Ipswich Hornets 174 (47.4) - Ellie Johnston 43 (47), Hannah Freiberg 20 (50), Ruth Johnston 37 (53), Ella Harvey 20* (50) defeated  Western Suburbs 9/124 (50) - Ruth Johnston 10/5/9/4, Ellie Johnston 6/4/14/1, Peta Donovan 1/7 (2).

Youth: Ipswich Taverners 3/186 (33.5) - William Nason 62 (74), Zach Fisher 10 (17), Harry Sheppard 25 (57), Zane Newton 53* (35), Lucas Sefont 23* (29) defeated  Sandgate Redcliffe 6/183 (50) - Reiko Vermeulen 1/28 (7), Jared Adamski 1/16 (5), Sahal Khatree 2/31 (10), Regan Liebke 1/25 (7).