Choose quality for long-lasting style and comfort.
Choose quality for long-lasting style and comfort. iStock

Homeware essentials that you shouldn't skimp on

While interior trends come and go, there are some mainstays; items for the home that are worth investing in for longevity and style.

Firstly, everyone needs a good bed. Given that most of us spend a third of our lives in our beds, investing in a quality bed will serve your health and wellbeing. I would also add that quality bedding is integral to this investment.

Start by committing to only using natural fabrics, such as pure cotton in the highest thread count you can afford and pure, stonewashed linen. It's the best way to start and finish your day.

Secondly, a quality sofa is indispensable for comfort in the home. Buy well and your sofa should last 10 to 20 years, depending on whether you have children and pets. If you share your home with either of these, you're definitely better off choosing a sofa in a hard-working fabric and in a dark colour. Adding throws in pure wool to your sofa or armchairs will also add to long-lasting style and the comfort of your living area.

And thirdly, you really know when you're an adult when you invest in a quality rug. In fact, if you buy well enough, your rug can actually appreciate in value. Obviously I'm referring to an antique rug that is hand woven in pure silk or wool. I would also add that ideally your best rug is more suited to an area of the home that is not high traffic such as a hallway. If your rug is chosen well and looked after, your investment will return in spades and joy for decades.