Drone footage of Admiral Crescent and Jezabel Drive, Ipswich following storms on Saturday, October 31.
Drone footage of Admiral Crescent and Jezabel Drive, Ipswich following storms on Saturday, October 31.

Homes ‘without roofs, ceilings’ after massive storm

WILD weather complete with giant hailstones on Saturday afternoon has left homes severely damaged across Springfield, Rosewood, Willowbank, Thagoona and Springfield Lakes.

Calls are still filtering through to Ipswich’s State Emergency Services, with reports of damaged roofs and hail-smashed windows.

So far, more than 1500 locals have called on the SES for assistance with crews working tirelessly on repair jobs around the Rosewood and Springfield Lakes areas.

Matthew Mulroney, in the SES control centre, said most of the storm’s damage was to roofing in Springfield Lakes.

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“Looking purely at numbers, most jobs are in the Springfield Lakes area – because of the density, houses being closer together, more houses were impacted,” he said.

“Those cricket ball-sized hail stones go through tiled roofs like paper. Even tin roofs are damaged and end up leaking.”

He said hail had bounced up from windowsills, hitting into windows and smashing them.

While responding to calls on Saturday, SES crews became stuck amid hail but nobody was hurt.

“They were trying to respond to jobs arising from the first lot of hail but then got caught themselves,” Mr Mulroney said.

He asked anyone who managed to find temporary solutions to damage to call SES to let them know the job no longer needed attending to.

“If anyone has called for help but has been helped out by insurance, for instance with tarps, please call back and let SES know,” he said.

“There are still lots of jobs to go and it will take a long time, a number of days to get through them all.”

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With power still out across 1300 Springfield Lakes homes, Energex personnel are working to restore electricity.

But, according to Energex spokesman Danny Donald, some homes were so significantly damaged, it would be unsafe to attempt to restore power.

“Some of the houses are so badly damaged there’s going to be quite a lot that can’t be restored back to the network because it’s dangerous,” he said.

“There are plenty without roofs and ceilings and the last thing we want is to restore power to a home that isn’t structurally sound because it can lead to electrocution of those inside and it can lead to house fires.”

He said power would likely be restored to all structurally-sound Springfield Lakes homes by Monday night.

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