Holy snapping croc head! Couple’s driveway crocker


AN EVENING wheelie-bin run took a snappy turn for the unexpected when a Sunshine Coast couple found a freshly-severed crocodile head on their driveway.

Verrierdale resident Clare Barry first thought she had found a common lizard, but when her husband Andrew flipped it with a stick there was no doubt in his mind.

"That's a crocodile," Mr Barry said as the in-tact, palm-sized head of a saltwater crocodile smiled back at him.

The couple made the discovery Monday night on their acreage property, which is located more than 400km from the southern tip of Queensland's "Croc Country". There have been no confirmed crocodile sightings on the Sunshine Coast.

Authorities are investigating the discovery of a freshly-severed crocodile head dumped on a Sunshine Coast driveway. (FILE PIC)
Authorities are investigating the discovery of a freshly-severed crocodile head dumped on a Sunshine Coast driveway. (FILE PIC)

The Daily has contacted the Department of Environment and Science and they are now investigating the matter.

Mr Barry said he is a British national and Verrierdale resident of seven years, and does not claim to be any kind of Australian wildlife expert.

But he has all-but ruled out human interference.

Mr Barry said the head was found only metres from his house, which sits at the end of a 60m driveway and about 80m from a dam.

"We have a dog and if anyone comes near house she goes ballistic," he said.

"I don't think someone has come down the driveway and plonked it there, it's got have got there by nature, somehow."

Speculation over the croc's origins ran rife after Mr Barry posted a photo of his jaw-some discovery to the Peregian Springs Community Board on Facebook.


He said among the "trolls" and "jokers" were dozens of theories; a Halloween prank, a dumped illegal pet, one person claimed to have noticed a bullet wound in the head.

Mr Barry said his dog often barked at water birds in their dam, but now thinks she could have had an inkling something else lived beneath the surface.

"I don't know if it's an iguana, a wild dog, an eagle that dropped the head," Mr Barry said of his theories.

"It was quite fresh when we found it, someone else said it looked like it had been shot in the head.

"If someone shot it how would end up on my driveway?"

Before now, the Barry family's only close crocodile encounter was at the Australia Zoo.

Now the head is nestled neatly in a shoebox at his home.

"We are not freaked out, but it's just weird, it's very strange," he said.

"I would love to know why or how it go there … but I don't think we are ever going to know for sure."

Mr Barry said his 16-year-old son Aidan was keen to hold onto it, but would follow the correct protocol, whatever that may be.

A DES spokesman urged anyone with information to contact them on 1300 130 372.